BREAKING NEWS: Trial of the 21st Century, The TOMA Trial: Pondering picayune details

Conroe, March 29 – The attorneys in The Trial of the 21st Century, the Texas Open Meetings Act (“TOMA”) trial, including the one on the witness stand, have wandered into a field of the most picayune queries. It’s embarrassing. Despite his testimony before the lunch break that he does not know or understand the constitutional […]

The Trial of the 21st Century, The TOMA Trial: Pretrial hearing continues, Bojorquez withers on cross-examination

Conroe, March 29 – Criminal defense expert Alan Bojorquez continued his testimony today late this morning that Section 143 being eliminated from the TOMA statute would still provide various sanctions against public officials who violate TOMA. Bojorquez noted that courts could void determinations made in violation of the statute. Bojorquez testified that he’s found that […]