“Flurona” scare displays endless reliance on government intervention in healthcare (The Golden Hammer told you so…)

The Golden Hammer Staff Reports Washington, D.C., Austin, and Conroe, January 6 – It’s the real “insurrection,” not the political one the Big Government advocates have created. As a result of the very effective scare tactics, (1) the federal government has spent trillions of dollars, mandated the behavior of most businesses in the land, and […]

Guest Editorial: Konner Earnest, The Woodlands incorporation referendum is all about big government versus smaller government

Konner Earnest, Guest Editorialist to The Golden Hammer There’s a lot of talk how The Woodlands needs to incorporate or not incorporate. People on the pro-incorporation side list off that the property tax rate will stay the same, the possibility of being annexed by a larger city, local control of roads, business and residential developments (extraterritorial […]

Former County Judge Sadler warns of threats to future of Montgomery County in dire speech to Montgomery County Tea Party

Former County Judge Sadler warns of threats to future of Montgomery County in dire speech to Montgomery County Tea Party

Image: Former Montgomery County Judge Alan B. “Barb” Sadler, one of the most revered political leaders in our community, spoke to the Montgomery County Tea Party on Monday, November 18, 2019, concerning “Issues and Threats to the Future of Montgomery County.” The Golden Hammer Staff Reports Conroe, November 19 – One of the most revered political […]

BREAKING NEWS! CISD Trustee Hubert explains why conservatives don’t ever win: they’re stupid!

BREAKING NEWS! Conroe, May 14 – Conroe Independent School District Trustee Skeeter Hubert kindly provided an explanation why conservative activists never win anything nor make any progress in Montgomery County when they’re fighting for low taxes, small government, and accountable spending. The reason they always lose? According to Hubert, conservatives are stupid. Hubert made clear, […]

Editorial: Excitedly exceptional about Thursday stories

Eric Yollick, The Golden Hammer Although The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper focuses on investigative journalism to root out corruption in Big Government, such as the Montgomery County government (most corrupt in Texas) and the Conroe Independent School District (if you want to meet the real Board of Trustees, their names are Dan Boggio, John […]

In announcing his liberal, pro-Big Government views, Metts displays complete misunderstanding of government

Conroe, January 6 – Precinct 4 Montgomery County Commissioner James Metts made clear that he’s a liberal, pro-Big Government activist immediately after he took the Oath of Office on January 1, 2019. He also made clear that he doesn’t understand much about the American system of government. Privately, Metts has made clear to his Precinct […]

Fiscal irresponsibility of governments at all levels beginning to harm U.S. Dollar

Conroe and Washington, D.C., August 30 – A new phenomenon has begun to impact the United States Dollar in comparison to global currencies. The Dollar is no longer a haven for nervous investors when international events create uncertainty. The situation has been especially pronounced during the past three days after global markets sought investments, other […]

Texas Senate names Senator Nichols President Pro Tempore

Austin — On Monday, the 85th Legislative Session came to a close. We all rest a bit easier as a result of the end of the Legislative Session, except for the fact that there was a complete failure to pass any meaningful ad valorem property taxation reform. Of course the real tax reform will only […]


I was born in 1961 and grew up in Dallas during the 1960s. I saw race relations radically different from what we see today. The unity of human spirit that we have in our daily lives is far greater than it was 50 years ago. It’s a reflection of the maturity we have enjoyed as […]