Biden questioned about sharing 2020 ticket with Republican

EXETER, N.H. (AP) — Former Vice President Joe Biden entertained the idea of choosing a Republican as a 2020 running mate as he campaigned Monday — though he conceded he didn’t have anyone specific in mind. A voter told Biden during an event Monday afternoon in Exeter, New Hampshire, that her son had wondered if […]

After report of aide quitting, Biden says Latinos a priority

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Joe Biden said Monday that he’s making outreach to Latinos a priority in his Democratic presidential campaign after a news report that his most senior Latina staffer had resigned out of frustration. Biden told reporters on a phone call that he’s spent a lot of time in Florida, California and even […]

President Trump greets impeachment inquiry with confidence, irritation

NEW YORK (AP) — Fifty-eight floors above Manhattan, President Donald Trump watched his legacy change and his political future grow more uncertain (at least according to the idiots in the national news media who wrote this article). The president, back in his hometown of New York for the U.N. General Assembly, was taking “executive time” […]

Biden: Racism in US is institutional, ‘white man’s problem’

WASHINGTON (AP) — Racism in America is an institutional “white man’s problem visited on people of color,” Vice President Joe Biden said Tuesday, arguing that the way to attack the issue is to defeat President Donald Trump and hold him responsible for deepening the nation’s racial divide. Taking aim at incendiary racial appeals by Trump, […]

Biden earned more than $15 million after leaving White House

WASHINGTON (AP) — “Sleepy” Joe Biden and his wife, Jill, took in more than $15 million since leaving the Obama White House, according to newly released documents, catapulting the Democratic presidential candidate into millionaire status and denting the working-class aura he’s developed over decades.Long fond of describing himself as “Middle Class Joe” while he took […]

Biden says he was wrong in comments about segregationists

SUMTER, S.C. (AP and The Golden Hammer) — Setting aside his long held beliefs upon which he has acted for the past 50 years, so that he may more effectively pander for votes, former Vice President “Sleepy” Joe Biden on Saturday apologized for recent comments about working with segregationist senators in his early days in […]

Harris gets personal, delivers civil rights blow on Biden

WASHINGTON (AP) — Kamala Harris spoke slowly but bluntly as she stared at Joe Biden, then began treating him as a hostile witness. The former federal prosecutor turned California senator started by saying she didn’t think the former vice president “was a racist.” But she criticized him for recently “defending segregationists” in the Senate and […]

Snowflake versus Snowflake continues: Booker campaign gets 2020 jolt with pushback against Biden

WASHINGTON (AP) — Cory Booker’s supporters have spent months waiting for a moment when the charismatic senator could break through a crowded field of democrat presidential candidates. That opening came when “Sleepy” Joe Biden clumsily talked about segregationists, prompting Booker to push back at his 2020 rival to great effect.The New Jersey senator called on […]

Snowflake versus Snowflake: democrat ice war brewing over Biden’s remarks about working with segregationist senators

Washington (AP and The Golden Hammer), June 20 – “Sleepy” Joe Biden refused calls to apologize Wednesday for saying that the Senate “got things done” with “civility” even when the body included segregationists with whom he disagreed. His rivals for the democrat presidential nomination, including the two major black candidates in the contest, roundly criticized Biden’s […]