BREAKING NEWS! Golemon runs for Beaumont Court of Appeals Chief Justice in place of retiring McKeithen

The Golden Hammer Staff Reports Conroe, September 18 – Popular civil litigation attorney Scott Golemon announced openly at a fundraiser for State Representative Will Metcalf in Willis last night that Golemon is running for the position of Chief Justice of the Beaumont Court of Appeals in the March 3, 2019, Republican Primary Election. Golemon seeks […]

The Golden Hammer fights back, files brief in SJRA’s appeal to avoid public disclosure of downstream flooding documents

Publisher’s Note: The Golden Hammer requested some important documents from the San Jacinto River Authority (SJRA). The SJRA refused to provide the documents. This newspaper’s Publisher filed suit against the SJRA in 2017. The case went to trial in February, 2019. The trial judge, the Honorable Kristin Bays of the 284th District Court, ordered SJRA to produce […]

Court of Appeals explains Montgomery County Commissioner Metts’ soon-to-be employee Greg Long’s felony conviction in great detail

Publisher’s Note: Gregory Phillip Long has an interesting past part of which includes his felony conviction for theft in an amount of $105,488. Incoming Precinct 4 Montgomery County Commissioner James Metts is assembling quite a disgraceful group of people to receive County funds on the taxpayers’ payroll. Without approval of outgoing Precinct 4 County Commissioner […]

MAJOR BREAKING NEWS! Court of Appeals to consider Doyal, Riley, Davenport criminal case on accelerated basis, denies oral argument

Beaumont, January 4 – The Beaumont Court of Appeals decided that it could no longer countenance delays by criminal defendants Craig Doyal, Montgomery County Judge, Charlie Riley, Precinct Two Montgomery County Commissioner, and Marc Davenport, local political boss and consultant. The Court of Appeals ruled yesterday on its own motion that it would handle the […]

Doyal, Riley delay Texas Open Meetings criminal case oral argument until January 25, decision by March Primary Election unlikely

Beaumont, October 27 – The Beaumont Court of Appeals the two-month delay request of criminal defendants, Craig Doyal and Charlie Riley, who are, respectively, the Montgomery County Judge and Precinct 2 County Commissioner. Local political boss Marc Davenport is a co-defendant along with Doyal and Riley for allegedly violating Section 551.143 of the Texas Open […]

BREAKING NEWS: Court of Appeals sets criminal cases against Doyal, Riley, Davenport for November 9 oral argument, Doyal desperately seeks delay

BREAKING NEWS! Beaumont, October 18 – The Beaumont Court of Appeals has been true to its word that the criminal appellate case against Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal, Precinct 2 County Commissioner Charlie Riley, and corrupt local political boss Marc Davenport will fall under accelerated consideration. The Court of Appeals has set oral argument for […]

Riley, Davenport obtain additional extension to file brief in criminal Open Meetings Act case against them, delay clearly major political strategy

Beaumont, September 13 – Both criminal defendants Charlie Riley, Montgomery County Precinct 2 Commissioner, and Marc Davenport, local political boss and consultant as well as the First Gentleman to incumbent County Treasurer Stephanne Davenport, requested and received 21 day extensions to file their responsive appellate briefs in the case involving their criminal indictments under the […]

Doyal and other criminal defendants in Texas Open Meetings Act case obtain extension to file their appellate brief; scheduling likely to create messy situation for Montgomery County Republican Primary voters

Image: Left to right, local political boss Marc Davenport and Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal, criminal defendants in the Texas Open Meetings Act case, better known as “The Trial of the 21st Century,” due to its potentially significant impact on the makeup of the Montgomery County Commissioners Court. Commissioners Court members are subject to removal […]

“Video-Gate”: Doyal should face consequences; benchmarking law enforcement

“Video-Gate”: Doyal should face consequences; benchmarking law enforcement

Image: Montgomery County Sheriff Rand Henderson. Conroe, May 30 – The “Video-Gate” scandal involving Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal’s filming of political advertisements in his official County Judge Office inside the Sadler Administration Building is a test of the integrity of our law enforcement community. There is every reason to believe that Sheriff Rand Henderson […]

Morning Extra! State’s brief due May 31 in TOMA case against Doyal, Riley, Davenport

Beaumont, May 16 – The Official Court Reporter of the 221st District Court filed her Reporter’s Record on May 11, 2017. The Beaumont Court of Appeals has established the briefing schedule. The State of Texas’ Brief is due May 31, 2017, since the Court of Appeals is treating the case as an accelerated appeal. Under […]