Fox-26 News, ace investigator Greg Groogan report Metts’ sexual harassment, Bagley, Clark call for Metts’ resignation

New Caney and Conroe, December 11 – Fox-26 News and its ace investigative reporter Greg Groogan appeared in Montgomery County today to investigate and report the full story concerning JP James Metts’ sexual harassment of former County employee Delonna Snow as well as the formal findings by the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against […]

Republican leader Holcomb: “understanding the process is the key to success”; Dawson, Bagley sign “The Pledge”

Conroe, December 5 – State Republican Executive Committee Terry Holcomb, celebrating the placement of Proposition 2 (“No governmental entity should ever construct or fund construction of toll roads without voter approval”) on the statewide GOP Primary ballot for the March 6, 2018, Primary Election, told a lively crowd at the Montgomery County Tea Party meeting […]

Editorial: East Montgomery County deserves better than Metts as a JP or Commissioner, while the entire County government needs sexual harassment reform

ERIC YOLLICK*, The Golden Hammer It’s time for Precinct 4 Justice of the Peace James Metts to go. The people of East Montgomery County deserve a lot better. Sexual harassment and sexual misconduct are nothing short of an abuse of power. That’s what we’re seeing with the cases of Harvey Weinstein, Al Franken, Bill O’Reilly, Matt […]

Zeaolous candidates file during first hour of March 2018 Republican Primary Election filing period

Conroe, November 12 – A rush of zealous candidates for the March 6, 2018, Republican Primary Election swarmed upon the Republican Party Headquarters on Saturday, November 12, 2017. “More positive reforms are coming,” Precinct 4 County Commissioner Jim Clark announced as he became the first candidate officially to file for a position on the ballot […]

Political fault lines form for 2018 – reform versus establishment – while liberal radio show host Smerconish puts foot in mouth

Montgomery County, Austin, and Washington, October 28 – The political fault lines are forming for the 2018 political season, as citizens are leading the charge to take back the heart and soul of the United States, reject corruption, and bring the leadership of the Republican Party sharply towards the conservative beliefs of the activists who […]

An editorial question: do you agree with this statement? Updated with full explanation

ERIC YOLLICK, The Golden Hammer A politician recently made what he believes is an important statement that defines how a government must function. Many people immediately agreed with him entirely with respect to this statement. Do you agree with his statement? He said, “A government’s legitimacy is mainly a function of consistently delivered values, together with […]

Montgomery County Government “For Sale” Part 6: why it’s so important to the Davenport Ring to get rid of Commissioner Jim Clark (and Bagley too)

Montgomery County Government “For Sale” Part 6: why it’s so important to the Davenport Ring to get rid of Commissioner Jim Clark (and Bagley too)

Image: Precinct 4 County Commissioner Jim Clark with Montgomery County Republican Party Chairman Walter Wilkerson, Jr., at the East Montgomery County Senior Center on October 10, 2017. It’s critical to the Davenport Ring – the corrupt group that follows corrupt local political boss Marc Davenport – that they get rid of Precinct 4 County Commissioner […]

BREAKING NEWS: Montgomery County Hospital District votes reappraisals for flood-damaged homes!

BREAKING NEWS! Conroe, September 26 – The Montgomery County Hospital District voted unanimously this afternoon at its regular monthly Board of Directors meeting to permit reappraisals of flood-damaged homes in Montgomery County in order to ease the tax burden on those whom Tropical Storm Harvey or the San Jacinto River Authority or both damaged. Board […]

Citizen activism: highest political calling, at least in America and Texas (Part 3 of 3)

Citizen activism: highest political calling, at least in America and Texas (Part 3 of 3)

Image: On August 29, 2017, these citizen activists and volunteers had just finished loading the truck behind them with supplies to provide relief to Tropical Storm Harvey victims. From left to right, John Wertz, Mark Frank, Paul Crowson, Bob Bagley, Kelli Cook, Helen Strack. Conroe, September 24 – In the American and Texas political systems, […]