The failed ethos of public education

The failed ethos of public education

Image: Have we so completely given up on our children that we seek only to teach them vocational skills so they may work for others from other nations, such as South Korea and Japan, where schools still teach critical thinking skills? Eric Yollick, The Golden Hammer In the past few months, I’ve begun to take a […]

Editorial: The Golden Hammer endorses 2018! #2018! #2018! #2018!

Eric Yollick, The Golden Hammer It’s good that candidates for public office have supporters. It would be difficult for people to run without support. It would also be good for people to provide some analysis and rationale for their support for individuals running for public office. If someone merely types “Smith 2018!” or “#Smith2018” then all […]

Editorial: both the left and the right are wrong about government’s impact

The Woodlands, July 7 – There have been discussions over the past few days about the wonderful triumph of President Trump’s policies in bringing out the lower jobless rates which the Bureau of Economic Statistics announced a few days ago. Liberals claim that Obama was responsible for those results. There have also been discussion over […]