Susan Myrick speaks for all of Montgomery County

Susan Myrick speaks for all of Montgomery County

Image: Susan Myrick, who lives in Montgomery County Commissioner’s Precinct 2, spoke to the Commissioners Court on Tuesday, February 27, 2018, about her frustrations with rising property taxes even when her home suffers from flooding as a result of the poor performance of the Commissioners Court officials.

Conroe, March 5 – What in the world can Susan Myrick do? With Craig Doyal as Montgomery County Judge and Charlie Riley as Precinct 2 County Commissioner, all Myrick has found in the County government is a bunch of hot air and fingers pointing for her to go elsewhere.

Despite the fact that Myrick’s home has never been in the flood plain or the flood way, Myrick now finds that her flooded home has higher property taxes, because, under the leadership of Doyal, Riley, and Mike Meador, property tax appraisals have increased dramatically in order to support their aggressively-growing County government spending programs.

Myrick’s home and her land have not sunk. That’s not how flooding has come to her property. Rather, a Commissioners Court that has failed to perform its job, while Doyal plays golf and Riley cooks bar-b-cue and hangs out with his closest political supporters also known as the “Charlie Riley Band,” is the cause of the terrible flooding in this community. That and, of course, the San Jacinto River Authority which has a statutory duty “to provide flood control” but instead focuses on selling retail water at monopoly prices.

Doyal and Riley have had direct involvement in SJRA’s complete failure to provide flood control, rising property taxes as a result of Riley’s work on the Appraisal District to raise appraisal, rising property taxes as a result of out-of-control spending, and the total failure of the Commissioners Court to work with SJRA to mitigate surface drainage through proper development planning.

Doyal and Riley didn’t offer Myrick any solution to her problem, but merely pointed to others whom they hoped she would blame instead of them, because “the buck surely doesn’t stop with Doyal and Riley.”

The following is Susan Myrick’s comments to the Commissioners Court on Tuesday, February 27. Susan Myrick speaks for all of the beleaguered citizens of Montgomery County.

Myrick: “Well, my name is Susan Myrick. I live on Lake Creek Circle. This is really a question to you guys: I bought this property and it wasn’t in the flood plain. It wasn’t in the flood way. Now, I get my property tax statement. It’s doubled. The property value they now say is $178,000 but then I get a FEMA letter that this is in a highly floodable area and they’re going to have to up my flood rates. So how I do I go from being not in the flood plain, not in the flood way, and now I’m in a highly floodable area.”

Doyal: “I would direct you to our County Engineer’s Office.”

Myrick: “I’ve already been there.”

Doyal: “They can show you where the flood maps are.”

Publisher’s Note: Why does Myrick need to see the flood maps? Does Doyal believe she should move her house to higher ground?!

Myrick: ‘They said go to Mr. Riley and I haven’t done that yet but my property didn’t sink, so what happened?”

Publisher’s Note: Obviously, Myrick’s entire reason for appearing before the Commissioners Court was to see her elusive County Commissioner Charlie Riley, who never returns telephone calls of constituents.

Doyal: “We can’t address issues but this just a public comment section.”

Publisher’s Note: That’s false. Doyal lied to Myrick. The Texas Open Meetings Act specifically permits the Commissioners Court to respond to citizen comments in public.

Riley: “I’ll get with her after court.”

Publisher’s Note: Why? Why couldn’t Riley speak to Myrick right there in the open. Then the entire world could watch Riley’s and Doyal’s complete ineffectiveness up close and personal.

Doyal: “Ms. Myrick, if you could visit with Commissioner Riley after court.”

Publisher’s Note: Apparently, Doyal is little more than a receptionist hustling people one way or another away from himself as quickly as possible. At $168,000 per year salary, Doyal is one of the highest paid receptionists in history.



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