State Republican Party Chairman Alan West removes Walter West as Sergeant-at-Arms for pro-DC demonstrator social media post; UPDATE: West issues wonderful statement

Happier times: Republican Party of Texas Chairman Alan West (left) and former Sergeant-at-Arms Walter West, II, at an event Walter West organized for Chairman West in Conroe in late 2020.

The Golden Hammer Staff Reports

UPDATE AT 7:01 a.m. (Walter West II issues wonderful statement shown at bottom of this article.)

Austin and Washington, D.C., January 7 – Republican Party of Texas Chairman Alan West summarily terminated Sergeant-at-Arms Walter West, II, yesterday after Walter West made a post on social media in which the former Sergeant-at-Arms light-heartedly indicated support of the protesters in Washington, D.C.

Walter West, who has organized a rally to support Chairman West in Austin this coming Saturday, January 9, 2021, made the following comment yesterday, “You Accepted ANTIFA burning down your cities…Now Deal with them taking back OUR HOUSE!”

Walter West’s January 6, 2021, comment on social media.

Soon after West issued that comment on social media late Wednesday afternoon, Chairman West text messaged him, “Your statement inciting violence in DC is unbecoming an officer of the Republican Party, and I’m relieving you effective immediately. This is not subject to discussion.”

Walter West and Chairman West never had any opportunity to discuss the matter, according to sources close to the Republican Party of Texas.

Walter West was an elected member of the State Republican Executive Committee (SREC) until 2020. He represented Senatorial District 4, which covers a large portion of Montgomery County and stretches to the eastern edge of Texas to include Beaumont and surrounding vicinities. West did not run for re-election to the SREC in 2020.

Walter West was one of the most avid campaigners for the election of Alan West as Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, organizing dozens of campaign events and traveling with Chairman West across Texas to numerous events.

Neither Alan West nor Walter West responded to request for comments. Several current members of the SREC were unaware of the action contained in the following press release.

The Republican Party of Texas Press Release issued just before 5 p.m. on Wednesday, January 6, 2021.


Around midnight, Walter West, II, issued the following wonderful statement, although the first sentence is not accurate, because The Golden Hammer did call West on his mobile telephone around 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, January 6.

I have only been contacted by NBC and CNN. No one within the Texas GOP has reached out about any Statement.
“My Post on DC was in no way inciting any violence. I was simply pointing out that ANTIFA was allowed to run their course in cities across the nation and no one has done a thing about any of their Violence or occupations, However, it was obvious that they were allowed to infiltrate the Capitol Building and crowd as we have had police officers in DC state “ANTIFA groups were being escorted in.“ They were simply turning on the Politicians that had given them a pass. That was OUR HOUSE, but Billions in property destruction had taken place over the course of This last year all throughout America and they were going to push to destroy OUR HOUSE. Luckily they did not.
In reference to the Texas GOP. I would have expected nothing less from LTC Allen West, who is a Great Man in my book, as he has a difficult task of creating Unity with TeXaNs that want change, unlike John Cornyn & Governor Abbott who just want to Rule over people as our 86th Legislative failure in Texas had proved.
My personal statement has Unfortunately caused pain, and for obvious reasons of the left and those within The Republican Party Staff, it was misinterpreted, but in no way would I as a Veteran and Former Public Safety Official ever advocate for violence on “The People’s House,” that which I swore an Oath to Protect many years ago.
Our Constitution and Freedoms have been under attack by the Left for over a century and the people are finally waking up to this fact. Our State Republican Party Elite have been complicit to “business as usual” and as a former Executive Committeeman for the Republican Party of Texas, I have witnessed even our own Republicans that are working with the Power of the Left to Rule over Americans as opposed to Representing us. What Republicans have done by siding against
a true Investigation
“For The People”
will only harm our Nation’s most sacred Right to Choose, that is Our Vote.
President Trump deserves the support of his Party Members to stick together like the Democrats have. This was not just about President Trump. The legislation and executive orders made by the tyrants on both sides of the aisle and their affect on this election will only grow in a negative light as we move away from the truth and period of event. I have personally worked with Democrats who have reported with hundreds of election fraud affidavits that have gone reported but unchecked by our Republicans in Leadership in Texas and have helped many to walk away from the Left as their Evil unfolds. Sadly, Republicans are too stuck in the 80’s to know how to Engage these true walkaways and many minority groups as President Trump has done successfully. President Trump has placed an actual Value Back on Life, Liberty, and the Lord Our God and has successfully initiated a movement for America First that has created a Pride in America that has been absent far too long.
Our President has stood alone as his Party, en Masse has failed him, but for the simple few that have committed political suicide by standing with him. He is a flawed but Successful Business Man who Serves his Country like no other has ever before in a time like none other.
I do ask that we pray for our Nation like never before and we as a Nation grow the Legacy of the President’s newest Working Class that has walked away from those governing and their handouts and work towards changing our Representation as a Whole. It is time we bring God back Across this Land and watch new Leaders Rise.”
My whereabouts during this whole event have been here in Texas. And I have been very vocal about our Republican elected officials and their hypocrisy over governance & representation.
Walter West II



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