EXTRA! EXTRA! State Representative Toth has become modern-day Moses: “Let my constituents go to work” he demands of Texas Governor Abbott

State Representative Steve Toth, Republican of Conroe.


The Golden Hammer Staff Reports

Conroe, April 23 – State Representative Steve Toth, Republican of Conroe, sent an April 22, 2020, letter to Texas Governor Greg Abbott, whose lockdown and business closure orders have turn the vibrant Texas economy into a Chinese Coronavirus Depression, in which Toth demanded, “Let my constituents go to work while they are still listening because they are going to go back to work regardless, as their lives depend on it.” Toth has become a modern-day Moses who demanded to Egypt’s Pharaoh, “Let my people go!”

Toth explained to Governor Abbott in his letter that Montgomery County has had fewer deaths from Chinese Coronavirus, the illness, than the County has suffered from the Chinese Coronavirus Depression, which governmental entities have instigated by locking down the American economy. Toth also cited a Wayne State University study which concluded that for every increase of one percent in unemployment, there is a corresponding one percent increase in suicides.

Abbott has failed to follow President Donald Trump’s guidelines for reopening the Texas and American economy and has instead opted to appoint a commission to advise him how to reopen the economy.

Meanwhile, Texans are wise and smart enough to know they should engage in social distancing and hygienic practices. They clearly don’t need government to tell them how to succeed in life, even with the Chinese government so cavalierly covering up the severity of the Chinese Coronavirus (or Wuhan Coronavirus) pandemic.

The entire text of Toth’s letter follows.


Page 1 of State Representative Steve Toth’s letter to Texas Governor Abbott.


Page 2 of State Representative Steve Toth’s letter to Texas Governor Abbott.



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