State House candidate Steve Toth’s 4th of July Message

Steve Toth, former State Representative, Fox 26 commentator, political leader and activist, and candidate for State Representative. He’s also one heckuva decent person.

STEVE TOTH, Former State Representative, Fox 26 Commentator, and Candidate for State Representative. Guest Writer.

The Woodlands, July 4 – Consider for a moment, for the first 5,000 years of recorded history, up through 1776, humanity knew nothing more than servitude and poverty. Mankind used blood letting for medicine and a stick and plow for agriculture. Then, in the course of less than 200 years America placed a man on the moon and cured regional famines and plagues. When we refer to American exceptionalism, we’re not talking about the superiority of Americans, but the exceptional blessings of freedom bestowed by a God of mercy on an undeserving people for the purpose of creating a land where humanity can love God and each other.

In 1986 Ronald Reagan said;



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