State GOP Convention gavel drops as delegates begin to address contentious issues in San Antonio

Dale Inman, the Chaplain for Senatorial District 4 at the State Republican Convention in San Antonio, gestured as he spoke to the almost three hundred delegates in a District Caucus on June 14, 2018.

San Antonio, June 14 – The gavel dropped to begin the Republican Party of Texas State Convention 2018 at precisely 10 a.m., Thursday, June 14, 2018.  4,261 Delegates and 461 Alternates had already registered for the Convention when the opening ceremonies began with rousing speeches both from State Chairman James Dickey and his challenger, former one-term Precinct Chair Cindy Asche.

The main business that occurred in the Convention on Thursday, June 14, took place in the Senatorial District Caucuses and in the Convention Committee rooms where high levels of participation from Delegates occurred everywhere.

State Chairman Dickey and the State Republican Executive Committee (SREC) have instituted a new committee, called Legislative Priorities, which will determine top priorities for the 86th Texas Legislature in 2019, in the view of the Republican Delegates participating as the representatives of the Republican Party. The draft Legislative Priorities Committee report has established the following priorities, so far, as the top ones for Republicans in 2019:

– Reducing government spending;

– Abolishing abortion;

– Eliminating appraisal districts so that property tax appraisals would remain at the level of the original purchase of property, a proposal of fierce conservative former Representative Steve Toth (R-The Woodlands) who is running as the Republican Nominee for State Representative District 15 in the November 2018 General Election;

– Abolishing taxpayer-funded lobbying such as the Texas Municipal League and Texas Association of Counties that collect hefty “dues” from local government entities to support their pro-spending anti-tax reform lobbying efforts;

– strengthening the Constitutional Carry of firearms; and

– passing legislation to protect women and children’s privacy in public places, such as bathrooms.

The delegates of Senatorial District 4 for whom Brandon Creighton (R-Conroe) is the State Senator hailed from Montgomery (163 Delegates), Jefferson (35 Delegates), Harris (15 Delegates), and Chambers (4 Delegates) Counties.

The Senator Convention elected Permanent Committee members to represent the Caucus in the Convention:

– Allison Winter, Platform and Resolutions Committee;

– Rules, Daniel Ure, Rules Committee;

– Julia Lightfoot, Credentials Committee; and

– Russ Shoup, Legislative Priorities Committee.

Two important pieces of business will occur in the Caucuses early tomorrow morning. First, each Caucus will vote on instructions to the State Nominations Committee on how the Nominations Committee representative should vote for State Party Chairman. The vote will bind the Nominations Committee representative on the first ballot, which will decide the election since only two candidates – James Dickey and Cindy Asche – are running for the position.

Secondly, the Caucuses will elect their representatives on the State Republican Executive Committee.

Senatorial District 4 has at least three (3) ladies who are running for the SREC lady’s position: Allison Winter, Gwen Withrow, Susan Johnson. Winter has stated that she supports Dickey for State Chairman, while Withrow and Johnson have not made any statement of whom they support.

Walter West, II, and Chuck Meyer are two men running for the other SREC position from Senatorial District 4. West has stated that he supports Dickey for State Chairman, while Meyer, who was not in attendance at today’s events, has not disclosed whom he supports for State Party Chairman.






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