SREC Committeeman Mark Ramsey: The “establishment” makes politics personal, tries to avoid issues important to citizens

SREC Committeeman Mark Ramsey: The “establishment” makes politics personal, tries to avoid issues important to citizens

Image: State Republican Executive Committeeman Mark Ramsey of Houston spoke to the Montgomery County Tea Party on Monday, February 5, 2018.

Conroe, February 9 – In the effort to find sufficient votes to censure Texas House Speaker Joe Straus, State Republican Executive Committeeman Mark Ramsey of Houston and his allies on the SREC observed, “The ‘establishment’ makes all politics personal. That’s how they do things.” Ramsey related his experience to a crowded audience at the Montgomery County Tea Party meeting on February 5, 2018.

Ramsey, who is the Platform Committee Chairman for the 2018 Republican Party State Convention, which the Party will convene in June, and was partly responsible for orchestrating the Straus censure for the House Speaker’s failure to abide by numerous Planks of the Republican Party Platform, is a renowned professional engineer who received Texas Tech University’s Distinguished Engineer Award for 2016.

How the “establishment” fights

The Republican censure effort of Speaker Straus occurred as a result of intense political lobbying from conservatives on the State Republican Executive Committee (SREC), from Straus’ home of Bexar County, and from other conservatives across Texas. The Montgomery County Republican County Executive Committee voted to censure Straus on August 15, 2017, over the opposition of County Republican Chairman Wally Wilkerson and other members of the political establishment.

In resisting the Straus censure efforts, both Wilkerson and the former Chairman of the Bexar County Republican Party, Robert Stovall, used numerous parliamentary maneuvers such as adjourning meetings, refusing to recognize Committee members who desired to speak, and declaring votes had gone differently than the actual votes.

While the conservatives who fought for the Straus censure emphasized political issues, such as Straus’ efforts to defeat statewide property tax reform and to defeat Pro-Life legislation before the Texas Legislature, Straus’ allies scaremongered, much like the efforts of pro-government, pro-establishment, and anti-citizen politicians such as Marc Davenport, Craig Doyal, James Metts, Charlie Riley, and their allies in Montgomery County.

What Ramsey observed, however was that those personal attacks against conservatives emboldened them much like Hillary Clinton’s bizarre attack against the so-called “basket of deplorables” fired up conservatives to vote for President Donald Trump in the November, 2016, Presidential Election.

Much like reform efforts presently occurring in Montgomery County as the citizens approach the March 6, 2018, Republican Primary Election, Ramsey explained that grassroots conservatives and citizens have grown tired of so-called Republican politicians and elected officials who ignore the grassroots Republican Party of Texas Platform.

Montgomery County has suffered greatly from giant political and criminal legal defense fund contributors, such as Halff Associates engineers, Jones & Carter engineers, San Antonio real estate developer Rick Sheldon, and other special interests who have become the real “constituents” of Doyal, the Davenport Ring, and others. Similarly, Ramsey explained, big donors have sought to control the SREC so that it would leave grassroots conservatives without representation in the Republican Party.

During his talk about the Straus censure, Ramsey noted that the SREC in the past has not been “nearly as conservative as GOP voters because a lot of Senatorial District members are not as conservative as they tell voters they are. Dare I say even the representatives from Senatorial District 4 are like that?” Ramsey made a direct reference to the liberal voting of melinda fredricks, the spouse of Doyal’s “chief of staff” jim fredricks, who has consistently fought for higher taxes and bigger government spending.

Ramsey noted that 2018 is a bit different from previous times, because the fervor for reform among conservatives is more intense than ever. As as result, the SREC voted to censure Straus on Saturday, January 28, 2018, in a vote which State Republican Chairman James Dickey joined. In the end, Ramsey said the vote came down to a clear and simple choice of voting to support the Republican Party of Texas grassroots Platform or to defend Straus.

The Straus censure passed with a landslide 44 to 19 vote with 1 abstention. Senatorial District 4 SREC member melinda fredricks was absent.

The Straus censure would seem to be a strong omen that reform may come to the Montgomery County government in the 2018 elections as long as conservatives vote at the polls.



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