Splendora ISD Superintendent Jeff Burke gives self $60K per year pay raise to $230248 annual salary in midst of community’s China Virus economic hardship

People in government love to give themselves awards for doing the job they’re paid to do. From left to right, Splendora ISD Superintendent Jeff Burke, salary $230,248, Montgomery County Judge Mark Keough, salary $153,814.70, and Precinct 4 County Commissioner James Metts, salary $177,174.92, plus benefits for all of them which add over 40% more in compensation to their exorbitant salaries.

The Golden Hammer Staff Reports

Splendora, March 11 – Splendora Independent School District Superintendent Jeff Burke directed the Splendora school board to give him a $60,000 per year pay raise this past week, so that his salary is $230,248, an exorbitant level of compensation for 4A school.

Burke and the top-level administrators of Splendora ISD provide “guidance” to the Board of Trustees, which the Board of Trustees always follows. The action occurred in an executive session after which the school board went through the motions of adopting their previously-made decision in an open meeting, according to confidential sources who spoke with The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper on the condition of anonymity for fear of reprisal.

Splendora ISD teachers and parents have expressed enormous dissatisfaction with the action, due to the small size of the school district and the failure of the district to focus tax dollars on academics and extracurricular activities.

The pay raise amounts to a thirty-five percent (35%) increase in compensation. It comes at a time when Splendora area families and businesses are struggling to make ends meet due to the terrible economy resulting from the panicked reaction of government to the China Virus in the form of decisions to shut down businesses, churches, and community activities by mandate rather than allowing individuals to engage in voluntary action.

Burke’s income, including benefits, exceeds $323,000 per year, which means he receives more than four times the median family income for a household in Montgomery County, according to the United States Census Bureau and the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Splendora High School received a “C” grade from the Texas Education Agency in Accountability Ratings. The high school’s rating for Academic Growth was an “F.” Splendora Junior High School received a “D” grade in the Accountability Ratings and an “F” in several ratings categories, including academics.

Clearly, student performance and academics do not provide the merit for any sort of pay increase for Burke or any other administrator in the Splendora ISD.



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