Special Edition of “It’s Hammer Time” to Provide Live Coverage at 7:30 p.m. of State Republican Officials Committee Proceedings Against Montgomery GOP County Chairman Wilkerson

Highly confused Montgomery County Republican Party Chairman Wally Wilkerson (green suit facing away) waited for the County GOP Executive Committee meeting to begin on Tuesday, August 28, 2018. Wilkerson disrupted and then lost control of the meeting almost immediately.

Montgomery County and Austin, September 27 – A Special Edition of “It’s Hammer Time” will provide live coverage of the State Republican Executive Committee (SREC”) Officials Committee proceedings against Wally Wilkerson, the out-of-control Montgomery County GOP Chairman, who has refused to comply with the Bylaws of his own County Party organization. “It’s Hammer Time” will air on Thursday, September 27, 2018, at 7:30 p.m., with live coverage of the Officials Committee proceedings. Viewers may watch the live show on Facebook Live/YouTube at MCP.TV.

In addition to refusing to comply with the Party’s Bylaws, the Republican Party of Texas Rules, and the Texas Election Code, Wilkerson is also withholding many tens of thousands of dollars from the November 6 General Election campaign, so that he can spend it instead on paying his private secretary, melinda fredricks (the spouse of lame duck County Judge Craig Doyal’s “chief of staff” jim fredricks), over $30,000 per year to serve him and run interference against conservatives in the Republican Party and paying for his office rent and overhead. Wilkerson has refused to follow the direction of the Montgomery County Republican Party Steering Committee to pay $10,125 of the Party’s funds into the Victory 2018 Committee account, which he was to have done by Saturday, September 22, 2018, at 12 noon.

Wilkerson has continued to spend Party money, even though he has received no authority whatsoever from the County Republican Party Executive Committee.

The Officials Committee met by telephone conference on Saturday, September 22, and voted to give Wilkerson 5 days to declare that he would comply with the County Republican Party Bylaws. Despite efforts by GOP Vice Chairman Reagan Reed and others to meet with Wilkerson to work with him under the provisions of the Bylaws, which the elected Precinct Chairs approved by a vote at the June 26, 2018, Organizational Meeting of the County Executive Committee over which Wilkerson presided, Wilkerson has refused to meet with them. Instead, his personal lawyer, Kenna Seiler has repeatedly delayed any meeting.

With October of each year as the main fundraising season for political parties, and with Wilkerson scheduling a fundraiser through his connections with the left-leaning Associated Republicans of Texas, it’s apparent that Wilkerson intends to hold a fundraiser in October to pay for his own secretarial and office expenses while claiming that it’s a fundraiser for the “Montgomery County Republican Party.” In actuality, Wilkerson has stated in writing that the Montgomery County Republican Party is “not a part of the Republican Party of Texas.”

Wilkerson, his lawyers, and his allies will clearly try to delay the proceedings again. The real question is whether the SREC will continue to allow Wilkerson to control Republican Party funds while refusing to abide by the Rules or by the Bylaws which the elected Precinct Chairs passed.

Since June 26, 2018, it’s very apparent that Wilkerson is seeking to overturn the results of the March 6, 2018, Republican Primary Election in which Montgomery County citizens elected a majority of grassroots conservatives as the Precinct Chairs in the Republican Party.




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