Some Respectful Suggestions for County Attorney J.D. Lambright 

When J.D. Lambright ran for County Attorney in 2012 and for re-election in 2016, he argued for good government, for open government, and for a government of the people. Lambright made clear that he wanted to work for the citizens and that he stood for reform of the County government. That’s why the local Tea Party groups endorsed him.

While we, as citizens should act respectfully towards Lambright, he should also act respectfully towards us. If The Golden Hammer hadn’t observed Lambright’s campaign promises, we wouldn’t make these requests. The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading newspaper, requests that Lambright please consider the following:

#1 Please reduce your salary voluntarily to $149,000. Still too high but that would get you into a range at least below the Governor and the Attorney General. Mr. Lambright, you don’t have to take the paychecks, so no Commissioners Court action is necessary.

#2 As an important symbolic gesture, would you consider giving the ice machine to the Montgomery County Women’s Shelter? The Golden Hammer will be happy to pay the cost of moving the machine and getting it re-installed for them, so there would be no expense to the taxpayers. If the Women’s Shelter doesn’t want the machine, then how about the local charity of your choice? We’ll pay for those arrangements as well.

We understand your employees want filtered water and feel a sense of entitlement. There’s a good water filter system that we’ve found on Amazon that costs about $25 that doesn’t require a plumber to install on a faucet. The Golden Hammer will be happy to buy it for your office and give it as a gift. If you have trouble installing it, we’ll send over a local paralegal who is pretty handy and could come over and install it for you.

#3 Please withdraw your opinion letter to Craig Doyal regarding his conflict of interest in voting on any matter involving Halff Associates, Inc., engineers, or Bobby Adams. We request that you either not replace the letter at all or take the appropriate affirmative action and write the correct opinion that disclosure of that major conflict of interest is mandatory and recusal is ethical. We’re kinda old-fashioned in that regard and believe that attorneys should advise clients on matters of ethics. That used to be in the Canons before the State Bar replaced them with the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct (the “DRs”). Sadly, it’s not in the DRs.

#4 Please set a policy that the County Attorney’s Office shall be the central requestee for all Public Information requests so that citizens no longer have to try to guess which department to which they must address Public Information Act/Open Records Act requests. That’s part of how open government works. It should be easy for citizens to find stuff.

The Golden Hammer wishes Mr. Lambright and Mrs. Lambright the best in all of your future endeavors. Why don’t you implement the items above to help us, the citizens, in our future endeavors as well?



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