Solid Gold 50: The highest paid Montgomery County government employees, 2021, unmask County’s spending problem, as regular citizens struggle to make ends meet

Solid Gold 50: The highest paid Montgomery County government employees, 2021, unmask County’s spending problem, as regular citizens struggle to make ends meet

The Golden Hammer Staff Reports

Conroe, March 31 – Is public service a sacrifice? Not in the Montgomery County government, known as “the most corrupt county government in Texas.” In Montgomery County, public service is a method of enrichment, not sacrifice. The “Solid Gold 50,” the highest paid County government employees, lead the way towards using tax dollars as a method of gaining riches and avoiding sacrifice.

As Montgomery County’s Commissioners Court heads into its budget deliberations, the stark issue of salaries stands as a central issue in light of the massive spending growth, which far-faster-than-cost-of-living salary inflation has fueled. The Solid Gold 50, Montgomery County’s fifty highest paid County government employees, lead the problem.

As Montgomery County citizens struggle to make ends meet, after County Judge Mark Keough wrecked the local economy through unconstitutional China Virus panic mandates, government salaries continued throughout the pandemic and the County government caused shutdowns. Unlike citizens in the private sector, who suffered massive unemployment reaching 25% in 2020, and income interruption, County government salaries continued to flow into the pockets of government workers, who also enjoyed lucrative benefits, which, on average, add another 40.3% to salary compensation.

The Solid Gold 50 salaries explain some of the salary inflation. Clearly, the most political County employees garner the biggest salaries. In comparison to similar jobs in the private sector, the reality is that these individuals would likely never earn comparable salaries in comparable jobs in the private sector. County Auditor Rakesh Pandey is the only employee among the entire group whose salary the Commissioners Court doesn’t set.

The #1 highest salaried government employee is Kathryn Pinneri, the Forensics Director, who receives $286,479.96 in annual salary, benefits of approximately $115,451,42, for total taxpayer-shouldered compensation of $401,931.38. Pinneri’s highest salary matches another aspect of her job performance: she rivals Jeri Williams, the County’s head library bureaucrat, for the most anti-citizen attitude of any County government employee.

Not surprisingly, 25 of the “Solid Gold 50” are elected, the politicians who consider themselves above the rest of society. Ultimately then, the responsibility for County salary overspending must fall on the shoulders of the taxpayers who keep electing them.

The 2021 “Solid Gold 50” follows. None of these people make sacrifices, for it’s hard to find one of them who would make anything close to their salaries in the private sector.


#1 Kathryn Pinneri, Forensics Director, $286,479.96

#2 Alex John, Assistant Director, Forensics, $227,022.12

#3 Sara Doyle, Forensics Pathologist, Forensics, $213,989.92

#4 Claudia Laird, Judge, County Court at Law #2, $185,000.00

#4 Patrice McDonald, Judge, County Court at Law #3, $185,000.00

#4 Keith Stewart, Judge, County Court at Law #5, $185,000.00

#4 Mary Ann Turner, Judge, County Court at Law #4, $185,000.00

#4 Dennis Watson, Judge, County Court at Law #1, $185,000.00

#9 BD Griffin, County Attorney, $183,044.16

#10 James Metts, Commissioner, Precinct 4, $177,174.92

#10 James Noack, Commissioner, Precinct 3, $177,174.92

#10 Charlie Riley, Commissioner, Precinct 2, $177,174.92

#10 Robert Walker, Commissioner, Precinct 1, $177,174.92

#14 Rand Henderson, Sheriff, $174,339.62

#15 Jeri Williams, Library Director, $160,281.04

#16 Bruce Gusler, Juvenile Probation Director, $155,410.62

#17 Tammy McRae, Tax Assessor-Collector, $154,237.73

#18 Michael Holley, First Assistant District Attorney, $153,987.34

#19 Mark Keough, County Judge, $153,814.70

#20 Amy Dunham, First Assistant County Attorney, $150,388.94

#21 Richard Blackburn, Assistant District Attorney, $149,168.76

#22 Jeff Johnson, County Engineer, $142,660.18

#23 Melanie Bush, County Treasurer, $142,511.72

#24 Gilbert Jalomo, Purchasing Director, $141,692.03

#25 Darren Hess, Emergency Management Director, $141,055.84

#26 William Delmore, III, Assistant District Attorney, $140,038.86

#27 Rakesh Pandey, County Auditor, $140,000.00

#28 Dodi Shaw, Human Resources Director, $139,137.18

#29 Terri Strozier, Director, Lone Star Convention Center, $138,732.92

#30 Gene DeForest, Constable Precinct 1, $136,882,03

#30 Chris Jones, Constable Precinct 5, $136,882.03

#30 Jimmy Williams, Fire Marshal, $136,882.03

#33 Phillip Cash, Constable Precinct 1, $136,881.94

#33 Kenneth “Rowdy” Hayden, Constable, Precinct 4, $136,881.94

#35 Donna Berkey, Assistant District Attorney, $136,259.24

#36 Dan Wilds, First Assistant County Engineer, $133,925.22

#37 Matt Beasley, Precinct 3 Justice of the Peace, $133,283.63

#37 Wayne Mack, Precinct 1 Justice of the Peace, $133,283.63

#37 Matt Masden, Precinct 5 Justice of the Peace, $133,283.63

#37 Trey Spikes, Precinct 2 Justice of the Peace, $133,283.63

#41 Jason Dunn, Precinct 4 Justice of the Peace, $133,283.54

#41 Ryan Gable, Constable Precinct 3, $133,283.54

#43 Darla Faulkner, Assistant District Attorney, $132,660.84

#43 Shanna Redwine, Assistant District Attorney, $132,660.84

#43 Tiana Sanford, Assistant District Attorney, $132,660.84

#46 Paul Damico, Associate Judge, $132,470.00

#46 Amy Tucker, Associate Judge, County Court at Law #3, $132,470.00

#46 Scarlene Valdez, Associate Judge, 418th District Court, $132,470.00

#46 Charles Wonderly, Associate Judge, 410th District Court, $132,470.00

#50 Mark Turnbull, County Clerk, $132,444.56.





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