Solid Gold 50: Montgomery County government Top 50 salaries’ overpayments exceed $2.1 million over private sector salary comparisons

Solid Gold 50: Montgomery County government Top 50 salaries’ overpayments exceed $2.1 million over private sector salary comparisons

Conroe, June 17 – Four days ago, The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, published the top fifty non-law enforcement, non-elected servant salaries in the free spending Montgomery County government, a governmental entity which clearly suffers from a complete lack of management. The article was “‘Solid Gold 50’ Salaries Unmask County Government’s Explosive Salary Inflation,” The Golden Hammer, June 13, 2019.

Numerous readers requested that this newspaper research the comparisons to the private sector for true measurement purposes. The results are shocking.

The comparisons are with comparable private sector jobs in the Greater Houston Area, per employment website and data aggregator

The total overpayments for just fifty (50) positions out of more than 2,600 County government employees are $2,112,113.

SOLID GOLD 50: Top 50 Montgomery County government

employees with private sector comparisons

The Solid Gold 50: Top 50 Montgomery County Salaries (non-law enforcement, non-elected servants) with private sector salary comparisons for Greater Houston Area.

Clearly, the most overpaid employee in the Montgomery County government is the arrogant and adversarial Head Janitor, Lorena Garcia, who receives a salary of $111,200 but would receive $23,560 in salary for a comparable job in the private sector. Garcia receives $87,640 more in salary alone than she reasonably should. Just wait to see Garcia during the budget hearings in July. Clearly, $23,560 in salary is far more than this overpaid, overdressed Head Janitor is worth.

Government salaries have traditionally been far lower than the private sector. In 2012, however, the nationwide trend reversed when the average government job began to draw higher pay than the private sector. Seventy (70) years of rapid march towards socialism, wherein the government dictates the direction of the economy, has begun to pay off for public employees who don’t have to measure success by profits and who answer almost to no one, especially in Montgomery County where the Commissioners Court exercise almost no oversight whatsoever.

An interesting comparison didn’t make the list. Nevertheless, it’s quite important. Secretaries in the Montgomery County government receive between $50,000 and $65,000 per year typically. The average salary for a comparable position in the private sector is $38,295. That stark difference, 69.7%, is comparable to the entire Montgomery County government. Salaries are at least 70% too high for almost every position. Sadly, that’s the minimum salary inflation.

Since the individuals in the Solid Gold 50 are mostly managers, and the salary overpayments of elected servants are sharply higher, don’t expect salary reform from the current crop of corrupt County officials any time soon.




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