Slouching Towards Totalitarianism, Contact Tracing, Part 2 Of 7: Feeding the liberal agenda

Slouching Towards Totalitarianism, Contact Tracing, Part 2 Of 7: Feeding the liberal agenda

Image: The liberal agenda has an endless hunger for more and more centralized government power.

The Golden Hammer Staff Reports

Conroe, Austin, and Washington, D.C., June 1 – Clearly, individual’s and family’s concerns about their healthcare is a major vulnerability for exploitation by those who want to centralize power on a large scale in order to achieve collectivism. Adolf Hitler made it a priority to have “the common good before the individual good.”

In 1965, President Lyndon Johnson openly discussed how individual’s vulnerability about receiving healthcare would become a great engine for centralizing federal power in the late twentieth century. Bernie Sanders said, “”There is consensus on the progressive side that universal coverage should be the goal and healthcare is a right.” A fundamental tenet of Bolshevism in the 1910s and 1920s was the need to provide universal healthcare.

In 2020, the liberal media’s and liberal politician’s abusive fear tactics about the Chinese Coronavirus, also known as the Wuhan Virus or COVID-19, has resulted in:

  • Government mandates closing businesses down in accordance with executive fiat rather than legislative action;
  • Government orders to individuals and families forcing them to “stay at home” for their supposed safety;
  • Direct orders to churches and political institutions forcing them to shut down or operate only in accordance with government dictates at the local, state, and national level.

Now, three months after Americans have experienced the highest unemployment rate in history, a massive suicide rate from economic woes, family violence at unprecedented levels, and some of the highest divorce rates in this century, local and state governments have taken to heart calls by academics and bureaucratic healthcare leaders to begin contract tracing, a digital mechanism by which the government can justify tracing the movements, whereabouts, and social contacts of all individuals in American society. It’s an intrusion into privacy which is unprecedented in American history and, arguably, in the history of humanity.

The fear over health, despite the lack of data to support such fears, resulted in government mandates. Now, many Americans are seriously willing to allow contact tracing become a part of their lives and to allow that legacy to remain – and even increase – for generations to come.

Healthcare truly is the engine by which the liberal collectivist agenda may gain its greatest victory, especially after decades of liberal control over educational institutions, so many Americans have collectivism ingrained into their mindset.

First, President Johnson’s “Great Society” legislation created massive healthcare bureaucracies in 1965. Second, President George W. Bush’s administration passed massive regulation and the dampening of prescription drug competition in 2003. Third, “Obamacare” ended competition among health insurance companies in place of a federally-mandated insurance system when the Affordable Care Act came into law in 2010. Nevertheless, the panic over Chinese Coronavirus may be the final blow to any sort of freedom in healthcare and in the privacy of individuals.

What is particularly appalling about the panic over COVID-19, however, is that it had little, if any justification in actual data. For example, look at the statistics from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the United States Census Bureau, which follow directly below.

Woodlands-based businessman and real estate developer Danny Signorelli said of the mortality data, “We are lucky to be in Texas where we are substantially open. But economic prosperity cannot be achieved until the general public overcomes the fear hammered into us by the media. 40 million unemployed…. let’s start living full throttle and be a part of the solution. This really puts it into perspective.” Signorelli is correct but he’s also missing the engine for collectivism which so-called healthcare “reform” has become.

In truth, Montgomery County, Texas, is a great example of the panic. The local government enacted mandates in March, 2020, which decimated the local economy and destroyed the economic future of tens of thousands of local citizens. Many people cheered the government on in this precipitous actions which “flattened the economy” in the words of Precinct 3 Montgomery County Commissioner James Noack.

Those mandates came into effect based upon threats from the CDC and the Montgomery County Public Health District of hundreds of thousands of COVID-19 cases in this community of 600,000 people and possibly as many as 1,000 to 5,000 deaths by April 24, along with hospitals packed to the point of overflowing with those cases. None of those threats, which had no data or statistical basis to back them up, ever came close to fruition.

In reality, Montgomery County suffered 26 deaths from COVID-19 with 460 current cases and a total of 954 cases through May 31, 2020. Meanwhile, according to sources within the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, there have been almost twice that number of deaths from economic-driven suicides as a result of the government shutdown orders and the government’s decimation of the economy. But the harm from the COVID-19 panic has another ramification.

The Montgomery County Hospital District issued a Public Service Announcement on Friday, May 27, in which the Hospital District warned of a sharp increase in deaths as a result of the fear of individuals to go to the hospital for major illnesses, such as heart attacks, for fear of contracting COVID-19 there:

The hospital district looked at a 60-day period from parts of this past February to May and compared it to the same time frame last year. They discovered a 30% increase in the number of people who died at home, rather than calling 911, from conditions like heart attack, stroke, infections and various forms of trauma.

Doctors directly attribute the rise in the so-called ‘out of hospital deaths’ to people being afraid to call 911. They were afraid because they did not want to wind up at a hospital and potentially expose themselves to the coronavirus.

Fundamentally, the reality is that the panic over COVID-19 has caused far more deaths and more societal harm than COVID-19. That’s the reason it’s so frightening that the same panic is leading many Americans to a willingness to cede their privacy and their civil liberties under the pretext of “contact tracing” to prevent the spread of a disease which has only had a minute public health impact.



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