Slouching towards Gomorrah: GOP state representative candidate Hull veering to left; will she be the next Sarah Davis?

Slouching towards Gomorrah: GOP state representative candidate Hull veering to left; will she be the next Sarah Davis?

Image: House District 138 Republican Nominee Lacey Hull’s September 28, 2020, television commercial in which she vows to fight for increase funding for women’s healthcare.

The Golden Hammer Staff Report

Houston, October 15 – Ultra-liberal Republican State Representative Sarah Davis, Republican of Houston, appears poised for a loss against her Democrat opponent in the November 3, 2020, General Election. Davis has been a target for conservatives in the Republican Party for many years.

Now, a newcomer to Houston politics, Lacey Hull, who was a conservative political activist and is now running to replace the retiring Duane Bohac, a moderate Republican, in House District 138 in the Spring Branch area, appears to have shifted substantially to the left ever since she received an endorsement and substantial funding from unpopular Governor Greg Abbott. Hull won the Republican Primary Election in March against Josh Flynn and Apostle Claver and argued she was the conservative in the race. All of that appears to have changed since she garnered the Abbott endorsement.

A major theme of Hull’s campaign in the General Election has been “Lacey will fight for increased funding for women’s healthcare.” Hull is not speaking about better private health insurance but actual government funding for healthcare similar to Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act.

Lacey Hull, Republican Nominee for House District 138, seems to slouch towards the left both in her campaign photograph (above) and in her recent policy pronouncements.

On Tuesday night, October 13, Hull sent a text message blast in which she committed to increased funding for healthcare for “low income women.” Hull has repeatedly promised that she will work to have the State government pay for mammograms for every woman in Texas every year.

Mammograms generally cost between $120 and $468 per test, according to AffordableScan, Inc. Women make up 50.4% of Texas’ 2019 population of 28,995,881, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Only 72.7% of those women are older than 18. That means the State government would have to fund 10,624,322 mammograms each year in Texas, under the Hull proposal. State taxpayers would be in the red $1.27 BILLION per year in order to fund Hull’s promise.

Some of Hull’s advertising only promises to fund women’s health screening for “low income women.” Of course, that phrase is undefined. Assuming Hull would provide the health screens for only the lowest ten percent of the population by income, those health screens would cost Texas taxpayers approximately $256 million per year. If Hull effectuated her promise to provide free women’s health screens for every one age 18 or older, Texas taxpayers would be on the hook for $2.56 BILLION per year.

This newspaper sent four questions to Hull early yesterday, including the source of the funds for her ambitious promises. Hull did not respond, even though she has previously provided interviews to this newspaper.

The Republican Party of Texas Platform calls for the repeal of Obama’s Affordable Care Act in its entirety. Plank 244 of that Platform calls for less government funding of healthcare and more healthcare based upon free market competition. Apparently, Hull’s shift leftward has pulled her moorings completely off of the Republican Platform and placed her views squarely inside of those of the Texas Democratic Party which calls for government healthcare for all.





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