Elected official to Marie Moore: “You need to give your heart to Jesus because the rest of you belongs to us”

Elected official to Marie Moore: “You need to give your heart to Jesus because the rest of you belongs to us”

Conroe, March 23 – Precinct 4 Administrator Marie Moore who now works for County Commissioner Jim Clark at his office in New Caney was the subject of a story in a blog which attempts to compete with The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper. That blog failed to provide the full story which Moore disclosed in a written statement she made for them.

Moore’s full statement is important, because she explained in detail her dealings with County Judge Craig Doyal and some other people who supported him politically after she began to move away from supporting him politically. The statement raises numerous issues about whether it is appropriate for politicians such as Doyal to inject politics into the operations of County government. By “politics,” The Golden Hammer means personal politics in the sense of “what’s best for the politician” as opposed to doing what’s best for the people for whom elected government officials should act as public servants.

Moore has offered to undergo a polygraph examination with respect to the veracity of her comments and she has challenged Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal to take one as well regarding the matters Moore discussed in her statement as well as whether Doyal created a “Hit List.” The Golden Hammer would be happy to pay for both Moore and Doyal to undergo a polygraph examination from an independent polygraph examiner.

Marie Moore’s full statement, which the Courier blog failed to publish follows:

“Just a few days after the March 4, 2014 Primary, a newly elected official went to Craig Doyal and told him that I had been giving inside information to Mark Bosma and helping him. Even though this was not true, Craig still removed me from his campaign team. A week after the Primary election, Craig called me and said to turn my mailbox key over to Lindsey, his daughter, and that she would be taking over my duties in the campaign. Craig and his friends immediately started their harassment of me. On April 8, 2014, I received a text from the same person that accused me of giving Bosma inside information (which I still have) that stated, “You need to give your heart to Jesus because the rest of you belongs to us.”

“From that point forward, they did everything they could to destroy me and my reputation in the community. They tried to get me fired from a job that I loved for 34 years [as the Administrative Assistant for the County Engineer]. They were successful in making it impossible for me to keep my job in the Engineering Department. They never expected me to transfer to Commissioner Precinct 4.

“After finding out that I would not be leaving employment with the County, in late 2014, they filed a false complaint against me with the District Attorney and the Texas Rangers. A complaint about a political mailer of all things. Because this complaint sat on a Ranger’s desk (who was out for 9 months), it took a year for me to tell my side. In the end, it was determined that there was no merit to the claim and I was cleared of any wrongdoing. In that year, the damage was done, Doyal and friends were able to smear my good name throughout the County and the community that I had lived my entire life. They told everyone they could, and sent a mass email to hundreds, stating that I was being investigated by the Texas Rangers. I was hurt further by this and my family was hurt. Some friends of mine were told that if they continued to be friends with me, they would receive the same treatment I got. I was involved in many Clubs. They made it impossible for me to maintain my membership. This nightmare went on for 18 months.

“Just before Commissioner Jim Clark was sworn into office on January 1, 2015, he was told by Craig Doyal and many of his friends, that if Jim kept me, they would never support him and would never step foot in his office. This was very hard on Commissioner Clark and his family. He stood tall against this group and made the decision to keep me. He believed that doing your job and doing it well, should count for something. He didn’t want politics to play a part in which employees he kept. Most employees would have packed and moved away after going through something like this. Only God, my faith, family and true friends got me through this awful time. Plus, I knew all along that I had the Truth on my side.

“I cried every single day for the first year. One day, I stopped crying. God put a direction in my life. I threw myself into my new job. In time, the truth came out. I don’t worry anymore about losing my job. I only wished that I had the courage to step up in early 2015 when Bosma lost his job. At that time, I was so afraid of losing my own job that I wasn’t able to help him.

“Now seeing that the same thing is happening to our HR Director Dodi Shaw, I cannot sit in silence any longer. Every day that I don’t speak up is the day that she might be let go. I could never live with myself if that happened. Dodi is not a political person, but she was friends with Mark Bosma. She loves her job and she is very good at it. That should count for something.

“I know by coming forward, the attacks on me may start again. That’s okay, I’m not that scared girl I was 3 years. The girl that was afraid to fight back. Hopefully, by me telling my story, it will keep other great employees from being sent home.”



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