Should citizens tolerate a PR guy blocking communications with elected officials? (The Davenports, Part 3)

Should citizens tolerate a PR guy blocking communications with elected officials? (The Davenports, Part 3)

Image: The Davenports: County Treasurer Stephanne Davenport and political consultant Marc Davenport at a Chamber event earlier this year.

Conroe, June 2 – In response to a mere question raised to one of Marc Davenport’s political consulting clients about a certain activity with which Davenport is involved, The Golden Hammer received the correspondence below on May 23, 2017, at 6:23 p.m. The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, has reported two other stories over the past two days which reveal that the Davenports – Marc and Stephanne – are extraordinarily sensitive about even the lightest criticism and strike back at their perceived critics with harsh actions and statements.

Last week, the Davenports struck at Conroe City Councilman Duane Ham and his friend, Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal, merely because Stephanne Davenport observed Ham at a social function with two people – Melanie Schoettle and Kristin Leggett – whom Davenport doesn’t like. The Davenports, through Judge Wayne Mack, struck at a County employee, Marie Moore, in 2014, after Moore didn’t get into line. Mack sent a threatening text message to Moore. Mack then filed criminal charges against Moore, which resulted in an investigation by the Texas Rangers which cleared Moore of any wrongdoing.
The Golden Hammer does not recognize “spokesmen” as a legitimate barrier between elected officials or candidates and the citizens, taxpayers, or the media. If someone is an elected official or candidate, they should have the ability to fend for themselves. Without question, Sheriff Rand Henderson and Precinct 4 Constable Kenneth “Rowdy” Hayden have the political skills and personal ability to speak for themselves. They don’t need Davenport or any other “spin doctor.” As much as The Golden Hammer or its Publisher may have supported them politically in the past, it’s entirely inappropriate for them to permit a political consultant to run their business for them. Here’s the email from Davenport. You should judge for yourself as to its propriety.
“My clients want me to do my job. On behalf of Rand Henderson, Wayne
Mack, Stephanne Davenport, Jason Dunn, James Metts, Rowdy Hayden.
“I am assigned as the sole responder to you, your staff or the Golden
Hammer in general, I will prioritize my responses based on my assessment
of your truthfulness and the worthiness of my time. You are now at an
all time low in esteem.  If you have any media request or response they
are to go through me in writing at my email address. If you are
registered for distributions, they will continue.  If you seek
documents, follow the law and request them through channels, they will
all be sent through the County Attorney’s office, they seem to have time
for you.
“We are universally agreed. We will not take your call. Personal emails
are directed to spam, only official business at the county email system
will be appropriately responded to.  As many of my clients are in law
enforcement, if you have a problem they remind you to  call 911.
“The check you sent Wayne Mack will not be cashed. We do not want your money.
“It was your doing that conflicted our interests.
“I hope you and Mara are doing ok.
It’s time for spin to end. Citizens deserve to hear the truth about the workings of their elected officials and the operations of their government.



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