Sheriff’s Office to contract with Phonoscope, pay $25,000 for cable

Conroe, October 5 – For a cost of $25,000 plus the costs of additional set-top boxes, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office will transition to Phonoscope as its cable provider to serve the Jail, Criminal Justice Center, Precinct Offices, and other Sheriff’s Office facilities. Sheriff Rand Henderson is hopeful that other county departments and facilities will join into the Phonoscope cable network as well.

The Sheriff’s Office’s current cable TV provider does not cost Montgomery County taxpayers anything, as those services are paid 100% through prisoner commissary funds and asset forfeitures.

Sheriff Rand Henderson comments, “This is a double win for us. We receive quality services at exceptional costs savings while being able to free up internal funds for other important projects.”

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and Sheriff Rand Henderson have expressed their appreciation for the assistance provided by Montgomery County Information Technology Services and the Purchasing Department.



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