Sheriff’s Office confirms horrific Jail transport incident which fortunately resulted in no injuries


Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Jail Administrator and Captain Andrew Eason.

Conroe, August 11 – The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office confirmed a horrific incident which occurred on Thursday, August 9, 2018, when a Sheriff’s Deputy, whose name the Sheriff’s Office has not released, left several Jail inmates in a van unattended with the van turned off – without air conditioning – for approximately 2.5 hours. No inmates died in the incident, but several sources inside of the Sheriff’s Office confirmed, on condition of anonymity, that some of the inmates were on the verge of unconsciousness.

Sheriff’s Public Information Officer Scott Spencer, a Lieutenant in the Department, confirmed the story to The Golden Hammer last night. Spencer explained, “The incident involving the jail transport driver is currently under investigation by our Internal Affairs. The deputy was reassigned to other jail duties pending the outcome of the IA investigation.”

Spencer noted that “None of the inmates involved were injured nor were they sent to the hospital. They were evaluated by Jail medical staff.”

Montgomery County Sheriff Rand Henderson appointed Lieutenant Andrew Eason as the new Jail Administrator and as Captain to replace Oliver Coward on April 24, 2018. Eason is a highly respected peace officer within the Sheriff’s Office who had served as the Captain for District 6 (The Woodlands area) under former Sheriff Tommy Gage.

When Henderson became the Sheriff on January 1, 2017, he demoted Eason primarily due to differences in personality between the two men. A number of confidential sources have confirmed that Eason and Henderson got along with each other professionally but also have very difference philosophies towards law enforcement. Deputies consider Eason a very strong traditional law enforcement officer and were very highly complimentary of Henderson’s decision to promote Eason to the important position of Jail Administrator.

A Sheriff’s Office Sergeant, who requested anonymity, told The Golden Hammer back in April, “Andrew Eason is a very no nonsense, common sense policing guy. This move by our Sheriff is a huge turn in the right direction.”

Since Eason’s appointment, detention officers and Sheriff’s Deputies who work in the Jail have reported improvements in efficiency and handling of inmates. Therefore, the incident, which occurred two days ago, appears to be an isolated incident.



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