Sheriff’s Office arrest Tango Blast gang member Morin for deadly conduct


Tango Blast gang member Jeremiah Morin.

Conroe, March 31 – Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Deputies arrested confirmed Tango Blast gang member Jeremiah Morin for recklessly discharging a firearm.

Earlier today, Deputies with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office District 2 Patrol responded to welfare check in the 30700 block of Wisteria Trace Drive, Conroe, Texas. On arrival, Deputies learned that at approximately 11:45 am, a 32 year old female arrived home with her two infant kids. The victim had just carried her 9 month old child into the residence and was exiting her residence to get her 4 year old child when she was approached by two black males in the door way of her residence. The two black males, wearing dark clothing, ski masks and gloves fought with the victim by placing her in a head lock and pulling her into the front yard of the residence.

At that time the victim’s fiancé Jeremiah Morin, discharged several bullets from inside the residence out and toward the suspect’s in the front yard. The suspects released the victim and began to flee north toward Rosemary Trace. At that time, Morin exited the residence and went to the end of his driveway and then recklessly discharged 5 bullets at or in the direction of the suspects as well as numerous habitations, vehicles and other buildings that were in the back ground at the intersection of Rosemary Trace and Wisteria Trace Drive. Morin did this in a complete disregard and reckless manner as to whether the residences or vehicles were occupied by other citizens.

During the entire investigation, Detectives with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes Unit were met with resistance and a lack of cooperation from the victim and Morin as to the motive and details surrounding the attack. The victim and Morin refused to complete statements or file charges against anyone involved in the incident. Furthermore, the victim and Morin became upset with neighbors for notifying law enforcement about the shooting. It should be noted that neither the victim nor Morin contacted law enforcement about the incident.

Due to the information gathered during the investigation, Detectives received a search warrant for the residence and recovered two firearms, multiple bullet casings from the residence as well as video surveillance. Morin was taken into custody and charged with deadly conduct and transported to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Jail without incident. Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Gang Intelligence Unit is investigating both the homeowner and alleged assailants for probable criminal gang involvement.



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