Sheriff Henderson supports Adrian Heath parole decision, wrote letter to Board of Pardons and Paroles

Montgomery County Sheriff Rand Henderson.

Conroe, July 18 – Sheriff Rand Henderson was one of the many Montgomery County citizens, who also included State Representative and County Judge candidate Mark Keough, who wrote a letter to the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles to support the parole of Adrian Heath.

In making a plea for parole for Mr. Adrian Heath, who began a three-year prison sentence for “Illegal Voting” in February of this year stemming from a much publicized case in 2012, Montgomery County Sheriff Rand Henderson argued that the punishment far exceeded the crime. Although uncommon for a Sheriff to publicly offer support for an individual convicted of a felony, in this matter it was necessary for Sheriff Henderson to express support in his letter to the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles dated May 2, 2017, for a “man that has close family ties in Montgomery County, has demonstrated that he does respect the rule of law, and, most importantly, consulted with the State regulatory agency that provides oversight for voter laws and acted upon the advice given him, however poor or incorrect that advice may have been.” Sheriff Henderson expressed that “this act of prior consultation speaks to Mr. Heath’s intrinsic desire to obey all laws, even the ones he wished to challenge out of protest.”

Lieutenant Scott Spencer, the spokesman for the Sheriff’s Office, stated, “What cannot be ignored is that the crime committed by Mr. Heath is a non-violent felony offense. The nature of the offense is a voter fraud crime and there is no indication that he has the proclivity to commit violent crimes or crimes of any nature upon his release.” To that end, Sheriff Henderson added, “I wish to extend my appreciation for the members of the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles for doing the right thing by granting parole to Mr. Heath and considering my plea on his behalf.”

The Sheriff’s Office added, “It appears that, in this matter, Mr. Heath made a decision to challenge the charge against him while his co-defendants received probation. Mr. Heath decided to stand on his principals rather than admitting guilt. Clearly the Board agreed that Mr. Heath had suffered enough under the punishment of confinement, allowing him to complete his sentence under community supervision.”



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