Sheriff Henderson Commends Deputy for Seemingly Preventing Suicide

Sheriff Rand Henderson.

Conroe, January 26 – Sheriff Rand Henderson commended Deputy Gallagher for heroic actions in saving a man’s life who apparently was attempting to commit suicide.On January 19, 2017, at approximately 7:42 pm, Deputy Gallagher with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to Interstate Highway 69 and Texas Highway 99 in reference to an attempted suicide. Montgomery County Communications had received calls advising there was a male subject sitting on the edge of the TX 99 overpass at Interstate Highway 69 and appeared as though he wanted to jump from the overpass.  Upon Deputy Gallagher’s arrival, he began approaching the subject trying to engage him in conversation.  The male subject didn’t respond to Deputy Gallagher, but began looking over the edge of the overpass and appeared as though he was about to jump.  Deputy Gallagher was able to quickly grab the male subject and pull him off the edge and detain him without injury or further incident. Deputy Gallagher’s quick actions saved the subjects life.  The male subject was taken to the hospital where he was assessed by medical staff.


Montgomery County Sheriff Rand Henderson commends Deputy Gallagher for his heroic actions.



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