Sheriff Henderson and his team celebrate promotions and service awards

Sheriff’s Office cake.

Conroe, June 2 – On Thursday, May 18, 2017, Montgomery County Sheriff Rand Henderson celebrated several promotions and service awards bestowed upon his staff since officially taking office on January 1 of this year. Henderson hosted this first-of-its-kind ceremony at the Lone Star Convention Center in Conroe, Texas.

Specialist David Borchardt, a former United States Air Force Major with a background in journalism and public affairs and always good for a fun discussion on cognitive sensation theory, newly assigned to the Executive Division, was the master of ceremonies. Leading the invocation was Chaplain Mike Evans, a United States Marine, Vietnam Veteran, and retired Houston Police Officer, also newly assigned to the Executive Division. Michelle Wallace, Bethany Rivera, Kim Mayfield, Camara McWashington, Beth Dunlap, Melissa Vela, and Celestine Rossi planned and coordinated the highly successfully event and the light reception which followed.

This celebration recognized the 11 new members of the Sheriff’s Leadership Team and 49 promotions across nine Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Divisions. Additionally, 118 staff members were awarded service pins for their dedication to Montgomery County, ranging from five years to 30 years. Most notably, the Office honored Lieutenant Dan Norris for 30 years of service, while Detective Tom Gannucci, Sergeant David Miller, Detention Officer Mike Mock, Corporal Michael Newton, CJR Supervisor Kimberly Pardue were each honored for 25 years of service.

“It is my desire to make this special event an annual celebration for the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office,” commented Sheriff Rand Henderson. Adding, “Our exceptional employees are what make us strong and their selfless desire to serve this community makes me very proud. These people are family.”



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