Sheriff Henderson admits “we don’t have a plan for school shootings” but discusses progress

Montgomery County Sheriff Rand Henderson.

The Woodlands, May 9 – Montgomery County Sheriff Rand Henderson admitted during a speech to the Texas Patriots PAC on Tuesday evening that the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office does not have a plan in place to respond to a shooting at area schools. Sheriff Henderson did explain that, thanks to the efforts of Republican nominee for State Representative Steve Toth, the Sheriff’s Office, Conroe Police Department, and other law enforcement agencies are working on a plan to have a coordinated response to such an event in Montgomery County.

The matter arose during the meeting when conservative political activist Paul Edwards asked whether the Sheriff’s Office has a plan to respond to a school shooting such as the one which occurred in Parkland, Florida, on February 14, 2018. Henderson had spoken to the grassroots conservative organization about the strategic plan for 2017 to 2020 which he and his Office have developed.

In response to Edwards’ question about school shootings, Henderson said, “We have a plan if there’s a shooting at a mall, a hospital, the Commissioners Court, or another courtroom. But we don’t have a plan in place to respond to school shootings right now.”

During a brief interview with The Golden Hammer yesterday evening, Henderson explained that local school police departments do have plans for emergency events such as shootings. Nevertheless, Henderson acknowledged the need to coordinate emergency responses between all area law enforcement agencies.

As a result of the lack of a current coordinated plan, Henderson and Toth have worked together. “Steve was the catalyst for this planning. We don’t have a written plan how to respond. He got us resources from the State including a state planner to help us write the plan.” Henderson explained that the planner is an employee of the Texas Department of Emergency Management. “We’re going to have an emergency operations plan for the whole county,” the Sheriff said.

“Steve Toth called me and asked what we could do so that there would be a coordinated response as was necessary in Parkland.,” Henderson explained.

Toth was very complimentary of Henderson. “He’s changed a lot now that his previous political consultant is out of the picture. It’s amazing that this guy is now this transparent and is showing a lot of humility.”

Henderson added, “We need to have a written plan and training, so that the coordinated law enforcement agencies know the hallways of each school and the path children normally take through the campuses.”




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