Sheriff appoints Eason as new Jail Captain, rumors rumble of coming shakeup

Jail Administrator and Captain Andrew Eason, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office.


Conroe, April 24 – Montgomery County Sheriff Rand Henderson appointed Lieutenant Andrew Eason as the new Jail Administrator and as Captain to replace Oliver Coward, who resigned last Friday. Eason is a highly respected peace officer within the Sheriff’s Office who had served as the Captain for District 6 (The Woodlands area) under former Sheriff Tommy Gage.

When Henderson became the Sheriff on January 1, 2017, he demoted Eason primarily due to differences in personality between the two men. A number of confidential sources have confirmed that Eason and Henderson got along with each other professionally but also have very difference philosophies towards law enforcement. Deputies consider Eason a very strong traditional law enforcement officer and were very highly complimentary of Henderson’s decision to promote Eason to the important position of Jail Administrator.

A Sheriff’s Office Sergeant, who requested anonymity, told The Golden Hammer, “Andrew Eason is a very no nonsense, common sense policing guy. This move by our Sheriff is a huge turn in the right direction.”

Sheriff Henderson was very upbeat during a brief interview with this newspaper this evening. He said, “I have had a lot of faith in Eason that he’s a great law enforcement officer. I’m happy that he stayed in the Sheriff’s Office during my administration. He will be a great addition to the Leadership Team.”

Sheriff’s Henderson’s letter to Eason dated today is at the bottom of this article.

Meanwhile, the Executive Office of the Sheriff’s Office continues to suffer from turmoil. Several Sheriff’s Deputies have confirmed that Chief Deputy Ken Culbreath will likely lose his job in the Sheriff’s Office within the next day or so for several reasons, including an alleged romantic relationship with a high-level subordinate and other issues that are the subject of ongoing investigation by both the Texas Rangers and the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office. There are also rumors that Captain Damon Hall, the Homeland Securities Division Director, may be leaving the Sheriff’s Office over the next few days as well.

Sheriff Henderson declined to say whether or not Culbreath would remain with the Sheriff’s Office in his current position or otherwise.




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