Shenandoah Council candidate Konzem criticizes fake Riley PAC with direct ties to her opponent in candidate questionnaire

Shenandoah Council candidate Konzem criticizes fake Riley PAC with direct ties to her opponent in candidate questionnaire

Image: Shenandoah City Councilman Ted Fletcher (right) and Precinct 2 County Commissioner Charlie Riley (left) have begun to work closely together to defeat conservatives involved in the Republican Party through the fake political action committee Riley began named “Republican Voters of Texas PAC.” Fletcher’s wife, Mauritza (center), is the President of the fake PAC.

Shenandoah, April 2 – Andrea Konzem, the longtime City of Shenandoah resident, who is challenging incumbent Ted Fletcher for Position 2 on the Shenandoah City Council in the May 4, 2019, election, criticized the fake political action committee, which Precinct 2 County Commissioner Charlie Riley, Fletcher, and Fletcher’s wife created to defeat conservatives involved in the Republican Party. What makes Konzem’s criticism so unusual is that she chose to level the criticism in the fake PAC’s voter questionnaire to her in the race.

Andrea Konzem, candidate for Shenandoah City Council, Place 2, running as a Reform candidate against incumbent City Councilman Ted Fletcher.

In her Candidate Questionnaire, Konzem answered the first question asking her name as follows:

“My name is Andrea Konzem. I’m very familiar with Republican Voters of Texas PAC. I believe this questionnaire to be a conflict of interest since the President and co-founder of your PAC, Mauritza Fletcher, is married to my opponent Ted Fletcher.”

Konzem’s other answers to the questionnaire revealed her willingness to speak the plain truth. For example, to the question “What is your current occupation?” she answered,

“Unlike Mauritza and Ted Fletcher, I work for my living. (I don’t go around trying to put the blame on a business for a failed business venture.) I’m a homemaker and part-time legal assistant.”

Konzem explained that she is running for the City Council position primarily for four reasons:

  • Konzem said she wants “to bring transparency to the City of Shenandoah. Ted Fletcher and his cronies don’t want the public to know what’s going on.”
  • Konzem criticized the current City administration for “wasting so much money on administration, health insurance for the Fletcher family, and salaries for City Council members. At the same time the Police Department isn’t receiving all of the resources they need.”
  • Konzem also said the City should end its property tax.
  • The challenger bluntly said, “we need to get rid of Mauritz and Ted Fletcher from the City Council. They both disrupt meetings. Mauritz has constant outbursts at city council meetings and brings shame to our City. Ted almost got in a fist fight with a citizen during a meeting. We need people on the City Council who behave like ADULTS.”

Konzem pointedly told the fake PAC, “You’re going to endorse Ted no matter what I say. Let’s not pretend you’re a real organization, because you are NOT.”

Riley has one of the worst voting records on the Montgomery County Commissioners Court. Despite calling himself a “Republican,” he consistently votes for higher spending, has declared war on conservatives, and votes against law enforcement interests often for no reason other than to vote against them. Riley has fought for secret government, regularly intimidates County government employees in his own Department and others who dare speak to citizens, and, along with former County Judge Craig Doyal, brought down the Texas Open Meetings Act by having it declared unconstitutional.

Konzem’s entire questionnaire follows.






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