Sexual abuse allegations raise question who is Marc Davenport: Why voters should get rid of the Davenport Ring, Part 3?

Sexual abuse allegations raise question who is Marc Davenport: Why voters should get rid of the Davenport Ring, Part 3?

Image: Corrupt Montgomery County political boss Marc Davenport (right) giving instructions to County Judge Craig Doyal (left).


“He finds individuals in need of someone and who need someone to take care of them. Then he manipulates them to find a way to make it all work in his favor.” — StepDaughter of corrupt local political boss Marc Davenport.

Conroe, February 16 – With sexual abuse and physical abuse allegations surfacing against corrupt local political boss Marc Davenport, readers of The Golden Hammer have asked the serious question: who is Marc Davenport? The answers are surprisingly sparse, although that might make sense for someone who lives in the dark shadows of Montgomery County government corruption.

It’s not only government corruption with which Davenport seems involved. According to his stepdaughter, the daughter of Davenport’s third wife, Davenport engaged in frightening sexual abuse of young children and in frightening physical and sexual abuse of his third wife. There is a serious connection to a current problem as well.

Allegations of sexual abuse and physical abuse

Two major allegations of sexual and physical abuse have arisen in recent days against Marc Davenport, the local political boss who heads up the Davenport Ring of corrupt politicians and elected officials who stonewall others, support each other, and are seeking to take over the County government’s information technology and purchasing functions.

On Saturday, February 10, 2018, local conservative political activist Kelli Cook posted a comment on Facebook the entirety of which was “The GOP county chair challenger just got a huge boost to his campaign. Being promoted by Marc Davenport is like the kiss of death. Kinda like an endorsement by Joe Straus. Congrats Terrence Boggs! #DumpDavenport.”

Over the next few days there were some comments of a political nature in response to Cook’s post.

On Wednesday, February 14, however, a lady (whom we’ll refer to as “StepDaughter” because she remains fearful of Marc Davenport even today) made the following post:

“My mother was married to Marc Davenport when I was a child. He sexually abused myself and my younger sister. He also physically abused my mother (now passed) his ex-wife. Marc Davenport is a disgusting pig and it’s time everyone knows it.”

This newspaper’s Publisher’s reaction to the post was that it was possibly another fake profile often on Facebook. After some investigation, however, The Golden Hammer confirmed that StepDaughter is a real person and is, in fact, the daughter of Davenport’s third wife whom he married in 1993 when StepDaughter was eight years old. Davenport’s third marriage lasted approximately three years until StepDaughter was eleven. After the divorce, Davenport’s third wife died under very tragic circumstances.

A few hours after StepDaughter’s first post, she elaborated,

“Thank you. I thought I would get some backlash from this comment, so the kindness is appreciated. I have a one year old daughter now so the anger is more pronounced than ever, because I would die if someone did to my daughter what he [Davenport] did to us.”

A regular reader of this newspaper responded to StepDaughter, “Maybe you would like to talk to Eric Yollick [Publisher of The Golden Hammer] and tell your story.” StepDaughter then responded,

“I’m not sure who that is. And to be clear, I want absolutely nothing but to out him.”

After numerous statements of support, StepDaughter elaborated further about Davenport,

“He is a terrible human.”

Late in the day on February 14, another reader of this newspaper stated to StepDaughter in a public post on Facebook, “He should be a registered sex offender in my book.” StepDaughter replied,

“…yes he should. He is currently trying to manipulate me and essentially convince me that he doesn’t know what I’m talking about, that it didn’t happen, and that those years were a ‘difficult time for my mother.’ As I said before, this has been a traumatic event that has stayed with me my entire life, but now that I am a mother, I cannot stay silent, because I would hope that if my daughter is ever in a similar situation, she will have the courage to say something that took me so many years to. And now it is my job to make sure that she does.”

StepDaughter further explained on Facebook in response to very supportive comments from a number of people,

“…he [Davenport] contacted me further trying to manipulate me and my memory. I told him I have no interest in speaking to him. Not only does my sister know everything and experienced what I did, but my immediate family on my mother’s side knows as well…Thank you for the advice. I honestly don’t know where to begin, all I know is that I want him to be outed.”

Very late on February 14, StepDaughter wrote,

“No charges were ever filed. My mother was terrified of him, but also financially dependent on him. And we were young children at the time. They divorced and we moved out of Kingwood. Also, until very recently, people haven’t been too friendly to accusers…Thank you to all of you here for being so incredibly supportive and kind. I have always been afraid to speak out, and feel it is long overdue. And all that I want is for everyone to know what he’s done.”

Last night, The Golden Hammer and two other individuals interviewed StepDaughter, a remarkably intelligent and thoughtful lady who is now thirty-one (31) years old. StepDaughter offered an important glimpse into the private life of her abusive stepfather, Marc Davenport.

“He finds individuals in need of someone and who need someone to take care of them. Then he manipulates them to find a way to make it all work in his favor,” StepDaughter told The Golden Hammer. “I had reached out to Marc in 2015 to try to address these issues with him directly. He’s a sociopath. I wanted to talk to him about what he did to us, me and my younger sister. I want to make sure nothing like that ever happens to my daughter.”

“Now, I just feel the need to out Marc Davenport for who he really is,” said StepDaughter. “I feel there should be some legal recourse from the lasting harm he caused me, my sister, and my mother.”

StepDaughter explained that she had not met Davenport prior to his marriage to their mother. “We moved into his home on Forest Cove in Kingwood and, at first, I saw he was a very private person.” StepDaughter was approximately eight years old when she and her six-year-old sister moved with their mother into Davenport’s home.

StepDaughter described her and her sister’s first experience of what she refers to as “inappropriate behavior” by Davenport. She explained,

“My mother was not around; she may have been at work. Marc had a sliding glass door off of his office and there was a hot tub right outside the door. He told us to get into our swimsuits. I was around eight and my sister was around six. Marc was wearing swim trunks. After we were in the hot tub for a few minutes, he asked us to take our swim suits off. Since he was our father figure at the time, we followed his direction. Marc then took off his swim trunks and he picked me up and placed me in his lap. He did that several times to both of us on several occasions. I was the main target of what became more and more aggressive behavior.”

StepDaughter further described,

“When our mother was not at home, Marc took us into the bedroom and told us to take all of our clothes off and sit up on the bed. He would put his hands all over my body and touch my genitals for long periods of time. He’d do that with both me and my sister in the room. Marc became more and more sexually aggressive with us as time went on.”

StepDaughter also explained that Davenport was nude around the house all the time. “It was very strange for a grown man living with two young girls and our mom to be like that all the time.” She added, “My mother was scared of him.”

The Golden Hammer asked StepDaughter if she and her sister reported Davenport’s behavior to their mother. “I never told her about it, because I was afraid of Marc. Marc and my mother had a contentious marriage. She was afraid of Marc as well.”

StepDaughter described one occasion, however, when she believes her mother must have known about Marc’s unusual behavior towards the young children. “He had been with me in the bedroom and had put an enormous hickey on my face. I was supposed to go to school and the hickey was on my face. My mom had to cover me with face makeup to send me to school.”

StepDaughter also described a very unusual situation with one of Davenport’s biological daughters. StepDaughter remembers Davenport’s two daughters. “One of them, however, stayed with us at the Forest Cove home in Kingwood for about six weeks. She was locked in her room all the time and was around 12 to 14 years old. My sister and I heard Marc and our mom discussing how our stepsister was pregnant,” StepDaughter said.

Davenport kept his biological daughter locked in her bedroom all the time, even during meals. Davenport would unlock the door for a moment so that their mother could hand her a plate of food. “We weren’t allowed to have contact with her. My sister and I overheard the adults talking in a way that made us wonder if Marc was the father of his daughter’s baby.”

StepDaughter explained, “Marc is so manipulative and scary. Our mom was terrified of him…We would see her with black eyes from Marc all the time. One time we heard them fighting in the bedroom and heard him throwing or pushing her against the wall. Then we’d hear them having sex right at the end of the fight and I can’t imagine it was consensual.”

She described their family life as highly regimented. “Marc was never a screamer. He manipulated. Our mom was so scared of him that she’d try to do what he demanded. Marc expected dinner at an exact time every day. If mom didn’t make the meal the right way, Marc would make her pay the price. One time she overcooked some dinner rolls. He took the glass tray they were in, threw it against a wall and it shattered. He’d call her ‘fat, stupid, ugly.'”

After the Kingwood home flooded in 1994, StepDaughter, her sister, their mother, and Davenport moved into the Kingwood Gates Apartments. “In that apartment, Marc and our mom would fight all the time and he was very violent with her after he’d pull her into their bedroom. We could hear the violence and her screams of terror.”

Eventually, Davenport moved out of the apartment in 1995 approximately.

StepDaughter said of the terrible experience, “He’s a sociopath and a sexual pervert. I tried to block it out but I’ve never been able to do that. I wanted to tell what happened and, when I saw Kelli’s Facebook post, all the feelings of wanting to tell the truth about what happened came out.”

StepDaughter said that she wants the world to hear her story, so that her own children will never have to endure the abuse to which Davenport subjected them.

It is very important to be fair to Davenport in this type of report. Davenport was a step-father of young girls when he married their mother. Sometimes children react very harshly to step-parents in those situations. It is also possible that the cognition and memory of children are not always accurate.

The statements of Stepdaughter are not the only mention of this sort of misconduct about Davenport.

Davenport’s fourth (and possibly fifth) wife is County Treasurer Stephanne Davenport.

The Montgomery County Commissioner’s Court appointed Davenport, then Stephanne Hope Laviolette, in June, 2013, as Montgomery County Treasurer to succeed the beloved, but retiring, longtime County Treasurer Martha Gustavsen.

The new County Treasurer and her husband met with a political consultant who might help Davenport aka Laviolette on her upcoming campaign for election to her new job in 2014. The consultant’s name was Marc Davenport.

Davenport aka Laviolette announced, on Thanksgiving 2013, that she wanted a divorce so she could marry Davenport with whom she was having an affair, according to her ex-husband and one other confidential source. Actually during that time period, Davenport had relationships with both Stephanne Hope and one other married lady who is a prominent citizen in the Conroe area.

Stephanne Hope and Marc Davenport got married on December 31, 2014. They moved into the home in Conroe which Stephanne Davenport received in her divorce. Her son from her previous marriage lived with the Davenports and was 13 years old at the time of their marriage.

Under the standard joint custody agreement, Stephanne’s ex-husband had the right to have their son stay with him every other weekend. In early 2015, Stephanne’s teenage son complained to his father that he was very uncomfortable that Marc Davenport was regularly totally nude in their house. The ex-husband called the Conroe Police Department, which performed a “welfare check” at the home. The head of dispatch, interestingly, was Mindy Nuber Mack, the wife of JP Wayne Mack, one of Marc Davenport’s clients. The police officer could not enter the home for several minutes, as Davenport refused to open the door. Finally, Davenport did open the door fully clothed.

Who is Marc Davenport?

For a citizen so deeply involved in Montgomery County politics, in reality very little is known about Marc Davenport. Here are some scant facts known about him that this newspaper obtained from public records.

Davenport was born on May 7, 1957, in Pennsylvania. He is presently 60 years old. The Golden Hammer believes he has three biological daughters and a son. Davenport is not close to any of his children, although three sources have indicated that Davenport does communicate with his son irregularly.

Davenport went to Junior High School in Del City, Oklahoma. By coincidence, he was in the same Junior High School class with Montgomery County Human Resources Director Dodi Shaw who does not remember Davenport during that time period. There is no record of Davenport graduating from any high school in the United States.

Marriage records in Ofuskee County, Oklahoma, reflect that Davenport got married at the age of 16 for the first time. That marriage did not last very long.

In 1982, at the age of 25, Davenport got married for the second time in Brownsville, Texas.

Clearly, a difficult period in Davenport’s life began in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Dallas Police arrested Davenport for theft in 1978, although they dropped the charges. In 1982, Davenport had a deferred adjudication for driving-while-intoxicated. Davenport had another DWI and deferred adjudication in 1985. Davenport suffered a judgment in a lawsuit by First National Bank of Lubbock in 1988. The Bank took a judgment lien against Davenport for a debt but Davenport never paid the debt or the judgment.

Davenport was involved in the printing business during the 1990s in Harris County and elsewhere. WWF Paper Corporation took a $16,253.27 judgment against Davenport for failing to pay a debt on November 1, 1990. WWF filed a judgment lien against Davenport at the same time. That judgment lien remains active, although Davenport has never paid WWF on the debt, which has accrued 6% interest over 28 years.

In 1990, Davenport acted as a campaign consultant for Charles Hayden, the father of present Precinct 4 Constable Rowdy Hayden. In 1994, however, Davenport’s candidate Charles Hayden lost the election to Republican Jim Simmons.

Meanwhile, Davenport married his third wife in 1993. Davenport’s third wife had two daughters, one of whom is StepDaughter. They filed for divorce very soon after they were married, but reconciled.

In 1996, Davenport and his third wife divorced.

In 1998, Davenport acted as a campaign consultant to Jerry Sue Hayden, the wife of Charles Hayden, who ran for County Commissioner, Precinct 4 (East Montgomery County). Jerry Sue Hayden, who is currently an employee of James Metts in his JP 4 court office, lost in the primary to Ed Rinehart, who had moved to Texas from Mississippi. Rinehart eventually became a political consulting client of Davenport until Rinehart’s retirement in 2014.

In 2002, Davenport began to represent Hayden family friend James Metts, a logger by trade with little education. Metts won a runoff in the 2002 Republican Runoff Election against incumbent Cynthia McMillian.

Around 2003, Davenport began to hold himself out as the “spokesman” for the Precinct 4 Justice of the Peace Office.

In the time frame right after Metts’ initial election, Davenport was involved in at least one other affair with a married lady.

On April 29, 2004, Davenport filed an assumed name under “Justice of the Peace James Metts Campaign” in Harris County.

In 2005, the Internal Revenue Service filed a Federal Tax Lien against Davenport for $21,998. There is no indication that Davenport ever paid the IRS, as the Lien remains.

In the 2005 to 2014 time frame, Davenport had a business failure involving a specialized form of golf wedge he tried to sell through a company named “Spin Doctor Golf.” Davenport continued to provide public relations and political consulting during that time period.

In 2012, Davenport attended a County employee meeting with Metts at which Metts introduced Davenport as “my sworn deputy” and claimed Davenport was a County employee so Davenport could stay in the meeting.

Davenport has operated his political and consulting businesses under a variety of different names including Performance Marketing Resources and PM Resources. Davenport has had numerous tax forfeitures of his companies, judgments for nonpayment of debts, and tax liens.

Davenport currently serves as one of three members of the Board of Directors of the Sheriff Rand Henderson Foundation.

Davenport regularly injects himself in the operation of the Montgomery County government. He has run staff meetings in two of the four JP offices. He issues orders to the Information Technology Department with respect to the installation and operation of the NetData database for the JP courts and the Phonoscope deep fiber optic cable system. Davenport orders County Judge Craig Doyal to change the Commissioners Court meeting agenda and to remove agenda items. Doyal follows those orders.

The Davenport Ring includes the following politicians and elected officials: Precinct 4 County Commissioner candidate James Metts, JP 4 candidate Jason Dunn, Davenport’s current wife County Treasurer Stephanne Davenport, Wayne Mack, Sheriff Rand Henderson, and District Clerk candidate Cynthia Jamieson. It is unclear whether Montgomery County Republican Party Chairman Wally Wilkerson has actually hired Davenport, although Davenport and Wilkerson seem to be working together on Wilkerson’s campaign for re-election. The members of the Davenport Ring work with Davenport all the time.

Davenport did not return telephone calls asking for comment on this story.




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