Seven creepy questions to the political establishment this Friday the 13th

Montgomery County, Friday, October 13th – There are some creepy things happening around Montgomery County this time of year. For conservatives against whom the political establishment is fiercely fighting, it’s probably a good time just to stay in your home with the shade and the blinds shut, the Internet turned off, and the cathode ray tube removed from your television.

If the odds of crossing the path of a black cat, meeting a RINO, or engaging a mugwump don’t deter you, perhaps you should consider these seven unanswered and creepy questions to the political establishment this Friday the 13th. The questions are so frightening that even Jason Voorhees is nowhere to be seen.

The seven questions to the Montgomery County political establishment have frightened Jason Voorhees so much that he won’t come outdoors.

Seven Creepy Questions to the Political Establishment this Friday the 13th

Question #1: This morning, October 13, 2017, JP Wayne Mack, who is also a reserve with Conroe PD, stopped in front of AR Turner Elementary School in Willis to talk with his brother Wesley on the side of the road. Mack drove his white Chevy Tahoe, a private vehicle, which he fitted with red and blue police lights. Why does Mack have lights on his vehicle when he gets paid as JP, not as a police officer?

Question #2: Why did Mack believe he could turn his flashing police lights on in Willis – outside of his Conroe PD jurisdiction – just so that he could stand and talk with his brother Wesley on the side of the road in front of a Willis elementary school?

Under Section 546.002 of the Texas Transportation Code, a peace officer may use emergency lights when he or she is 1) responding to an emergency call; (2) pursuing an actual or suspected violator of the law; (3) responding to but not returning from a fire alarm; (4) directing or diverting traffic for public safety purposes; or (5) conducting a police escort.

There’s no “stopping to say ‘hi’ to your brother” occasion when a police officer may use his emergency lights. Since Mack wasn’t in Conroe, he wasn’t acting as a police officer, although he was acting as a member of the political establishment who believes he possesses special privileges.

Question #3: Who paid for the lights on Mack’s vehicle? (Sure hope it wasn’t the taxpayers, because Mack already machetes us in plenty of other ways with his poor budget management, his terrible collection of fees and fines, and his terrible work habits as a JP.)

Question #4: County employee Deanne Riley works for Precinct 5 Constable David Hill in some sort of a receptionist position that pays her $58,000 per year in salary plus over $23,000 a year more in lucrative County benefits. Interestingly, Riley never seems to answer the phone at Hill’s office. Today, however, Deanne Riley spent almost the entire work day getting things ready for her husband’s political event tomorrow. Riley was seen loading T-shirts and other political items into her red GMC Yukon. Other County employees were helping load, unload, and then go with her to the location of tomorrow’s event. Did Riley take a vacation day from her paid job position in Constable Hill’s office today? Or do the taxpayers get to pay for Riley to work on her husband’s campaign during County time?

Question #5: Did the County employees who worked with Deanne Riley on her husband’s campaign have any choice about the matter and did they get paid for today, or did the taxpayers get to pay for them as well?

Question #6: Why did Precinct 3 County Commissioner James Noack second the motion to approve the Tx-249 Tollroad resolution at Commissioners Court on Tuesday, October 10? (That’s a vexing question which has given the citizens nightmares since Noack lowered the ax on taxpayers’ hopes.)

Question #7: Now that we’re already 1/24th through the new Fiscal Year 2018 for which the taxpayers have paid $300,000 for a Craig Doyal-James Noack-conceived “budget office,” when will Noack and Doyal give us the report about all of the budget office’s accomplishments so far?





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