Senatorial District 4 elects Winter, West as State Republican Executive Committee Representatives

Senatorial District 4 elects Winter, West as State Republican Executive Committee Representatives

Image: Allison Winter after her victory sitting in the Senatorial District 4 Caucus on Friday, June 15, 2018.

San Antonio, June 15 – Allison Winter and Walter West, II, won election to the State Republican Executive Committee by large margins to represent Senatorial District 4 on Friday, June 15, 2018. Winter and West are both pro-reform conservatives and replace establishment politicians melinda fredricks and Will Robins.

There were five ladies nominated for the SREC Committeewoman position: Gwen
Withrow, Alice Reckaway, Kammi Cussner, Allison Winter, and Susan Johnson. All five of the ladies claimed they’re “conservative.” To say one is “conservative” has become as meaningless as saying that one hails from the sapiens species. But there is a new giveaway, which this newspaper refers to as the “Jim and Tammy Bakker” clue. If a candidate wants to discuss little more than Prayer in political speeches, that’s a pretty strong indication that they don’t want conservative Republican activists, who dominate most GOP gatherings, to know their real political beliefs. Public prayer raises questions, as Matthew 5 and 6 (the Sermon on the Mount) made clear.

Allison Winter gave a low key speech about her goals on the SREC while Susan Johnson spoke about the “importance of prayer.” Those two made the runoff by garnering 167 votes and 90 votes, respectively, out of 422 cast in the first round of voting, or 39.6% and 21.3%.

In the runoff, Winter won handily 265 to 155, or 62.8% to 37.2%.

The race for SREC Committeeman was between Walter West, II, of East Montgomery County, and Chuck Meyer of The Woodlands. West, very popular among Montgomery County conservative Republicans, won the race handily 331 to 89, or 78.4% to 21.6%.

Winter and West are easily the strongest team of representatives SD4 has enjoyed in two decades. The establishment is losing a lot of steam.



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