Senatorial District 4 backs Dickey, joins vast majority of Delegates

Republican Party of Texas Chairman James Dickey.


San Antonio, June 15 – Republican Party of Texas State Chairman got a resounding endorsement this morning from the Delegates of Senatorial District 4, which covers most of Montgomery County as well as portions of Jefferson, Harris, Chambers, and Galveston counties.

In the voting among Delegates between Dickey and his challenger, Cindy Asche, a pro-“establishment” and very well-funded former precinct Chair from Denton County who opposes requiring Republican candidates and elected servants to follow the Republican Party Platform, Dickey receiving an overwhelming 331 votes to Asche’s 89 votes. Dickey’s tally comprised 78.8% of the vote.

The effect of the vote is to bind the first ballot vote of this Senatorial District’s representative on the State Nominations Committee. The State Nominations Committee is meeting this morning to make its recommendation for State Party Chairman to the full Republican Convention, which will select the State Chairman in a floor vote this afternoon.

The three speakers who supported Dickey during the electoral contest in the Senatorial District Caucus were Mayes Middleton, who is running for State Representative from Harris County, State Senator Brandon Creighton, and former State Representative Steve Toth. Toth told the Caucus Delegates, “we don’t need to make the tent wider by pulling in people who don’t agree with us. We need to draw in people who share our values and what we stand for and what we believe in.”

Dickey’s resounding victory in Senatorial District 4 was a similar margin to his win in adjacent Senatorial District 3, that runs from northern Montgomery County to the area surrounding Tyler.




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