Senator Creighton’s Pro-Life bill passes Texas Senate, moves to House

Austin – Senator Brandon Creighton (R-Conroe) made the following statement after the Senate passage of his bill, Senate Bill 8:

“Texas should take steps to prohibit taxpayer dollars from subsidizing elective abortions and employers should have the freedom to choose whether or not they provide this coverage,” said Senator Creighton.

Provisions in the Affordable Care Act currently allow states to opt out of requiring abortion coverage. Half of the nation has opted out of this coverage and with the ultimate passage of this legislation, Texas will be next.

A medically necessary procedure to save the mother will be covered under a primary insurance plan in the tragic instance when a certified physician makes the determination that continuing a pregnancy places the mother in serious danger.

“Funding elective abortions through the exchange is out of line with the views of a majority of Texans,” said Senator Creighton.This legislation simply requires elective abortions to be insured under a separate policy so that only those who support abortions are forced to pay for them.”

“I am very grateful to my colleagues in the Texas Senate who supported this effort with me,” concluded Senator Creighton.

Senate Bill 8 will now be sent to the Texas House of Representatives for consideration.



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