Senator Creighton to Author Pro-Life Legislation in Special Session

The Liberty 8: incoming “class” of Senators during the 2015 Texas Legislature, which included Senator Brandon Creighton of Conroe. Apologies for the blurry picture off of Senator Creighton’s office wall.

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Since 1997, the Publisher of The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, has fought for reductions in government spending. One of the reasons spending reductions are so important is that true “fiscal conservativism” in the form of substantial government spending cuts would “wash away” many of the social problems which our massive government institutions have caused.

At the federal level, funding for Planned Parenthood originally arose, because the democrats in control of the House then wanted to support abortions. If the federal government engaged in real budget cuts that included defunding Planned Parenthood as well as many other “social” organizations, many of the social problems that so-called “social conservatives” would also go away. That was one of the original arguments of the “5, 5, & 8 by 2008” Plank in the Republican Party of Texas Platform which originated from a group of activists in Montgomery County.

True “fiscal conservatives” are social conservatives by their very nature. This press release from Senator Creighton is particularly exciting, because it’s a great example of how a funding issue (with respect to insurance coverage) would solve a major social problem, abortion. “Please don’t make me pay for your abortion.”

Austin, July 6 – Senator Brandon Creighton (R-Conroe), a member of the “Liberty 8” class of conservative Senators who came into the Texas Senate for the 2015 Legislative Session, made the following statement after the announcement of his intention to author pro-life insurance reform legislation:

“No one should be forced to subsidize the cost of another’s elected abortion,” said Sen. Creighton. “As a pro-life state, we need to change our policies when it comes to health care. I am appreciative Governor Abbott has included protecting our unborn Texans in the upcoming special session and I look forward to leading on this important issue.”

The legislative intent is to prohibit Texans from subsidizing the cost of elective abortion procedures. The bill has previously passed out of the Senate numerous times. During the 85th Regular Legislative Session, Senator Creighton co-authored the bill.

Senator Creighton will also continue efforts to reform property taxes. During the regular legislative session, he co-authored Senate Bill 2 and was appointed by Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick to the conference committee to resolve differences on the bill between the two chambers.

“I was the first legislator to ask Governor Abbott for a special session to address property taxes,” said Senator Creighton. “I am committed to working hard on meaningful property tax reform and staying until the job is done – which Senate District 4 and all Texans deserve.”

In addition, Senator Creighton will be a co-author of municipal annexation reform legislation that will require more input from citizens who will be affected by proposed annexation. He co-authored the previous measure in the regular session, which passed out of the Senate.

“It is important to create legislation to allow for municipalities and industrial districts to collaborate and to reach a mutually-beneficial agreement,” concluded Senator Creighton.



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