Maybe Senator Chuck Schumer (d-New York) taught an important lesson – entitled the “Blasey Test” for government employee hiring – that will save taxpayers a lot of coin

Eric Yollick, The Golden Hammer

When someone applies for a government job, it’s not a legal proceeding. It’s a fact-finding proceeding. It should be standard operating procedure to determine whether or not they get the job.

That’s an excellent point, which United States Senator Chuck Schumer (d-New York) made in reference to the confirmation proceedings before the United States Senator for the nomination of Judge (now Justice) Brett Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court. In describing the process, Schumer said,

“It’s not a legal proceeding, it’s a fact-finding proceeding…this is standard operating procedure… There is no presumption of innocence or guilt when you have a nominee before you.”

Schumer may very well have said some of the wisest words ever spoken with respect to the hiring of people for government jobs.

It’s time as a Nation, a State, and a County that we take Senator Schumer’s wisdom and run with it. I call what Schumer and his democrat colleagues have taught the “Blasey Test” for government employment.

The lesson we should all learn is how prudent government hiring should occur:

  • First, someone will apply for a government job.
  • Second, we’ll need to go to and contact all of their classmates and fellow students who attended school prior to the time they graduated from high school. Specifically, we’ll need to ask them whether the applicant ever did anything to harass them or someone else, to hurt someone’s feelings, to indicate bigotry or prejudice, to suggest chauvinism or sexism of any sort, or to suggest a lack of sensitivity towards another person’s feelings. Now, remember, this inquiry only applies to the time period up until graduation from high school.
  • If there are any indications that any of those things may have occurred, regardless of whether or not there is any corroboration, then the applicant absolutely should not receive a government job which pays any amount to that person. Remember, “It’s not a legal proceeding, it’s a fact-finding proceeding…this is standard operating procedure…There is no presumption of innocence or guilty when you have” an applicant before you.

We’ll refer to that process as the “Blasey Test.”

Obviously, for fairness, we’ll have to go back and apply the Blasey Test to all of the existing government employees as well. If they are unable to pass the test, we’ll have to let them go.

Montgomery County’s government spends a ridiculous 57.4% of its total budget on salaries for employees. That’s about two or three times what even the most bloated government operations spend.

The Blasey Test may be the saving grace for taxpayers at every level of government. Thank you, Senator Schumer!



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