Searching for a Fool: One Super Bowl 51 Ticket Selling for $74,000

Houston, January 27 – One Super Bowl 51 end zone corner ticket is selling for $74,000. The seat is in Section 285 of NRG Stadium for the February 3, 2017, sporting event. The purchaser would have the opportunity to sit by himself in a suite full of strangers. The view from the seat is not particularly good. Since the seat is on the “home” side of the stadium, however, a good pair of binoculars would permit the purchaser the opportunity to watch a moderate amount of the Half Time Show.

It’s hard to imagine who could afford to pay such a high price for a seat since they’d have to be a complete fool even to consider it. It would, obviously, need to be someone from the “political class” who can afford to spend other people’s money on foolish waste. Doyal? Lambright?

No one who actually works for their money, rather than just playing politics and taking it from others, would seriously consider such an extravagance that would be the modern equivalent of having servants who throw rose petals in the streets before the King walks down them. Oops. Maybe, The Golden Hammer shouldn’t give the $196,164.57 salary per year Lambright such an idea.



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