Scientific studies reveal enormous benefits from climate change

This satellite image from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration reveals that the Earth has increased its green leaf area by five percent (5%) since the beginning of the millenium.

The Golden Hammer Staff Reports

Washington, D.C., Austin, and Conroe, August 19 – Climate change, also known as global warming, has shown at least two major beneficial impacts during the past two decades, as numerous scientific studies are beginning to reveal. The international liberal media has presented a recurring theme in news reports: “Climate scientists, meanwhile, say there’s little doubt that climate change from the burning of coal, oil and natural gas is driving more extreme events, such as heat waves, droughts, wildfires, floods and storms.” (Associated Press.)

While the news media simply has little or no scientific data with which to place an anthropogenic (man-made) cause for global warming, there is no question that global temperatures have increased during the past century. There now seem to be at least two major positive effects from the natural phenomenon on the Earth.

Boston University Environmental Biologist Ranga Myneni and graduate researcher Chi Chen have studied global greening during the past two decades and have concluded,

“Looking at remote sensing data from NASA’s satellites, we’ve discovered that over the last two decades, the Earth has increased its green leaf area by a total of 5 percent, which is roughly five and a half million square kilometers—an increase equivalent to the size of the entire Amazon rain forest. The two countries that have been most responsible for the global greening came as a surprise to us. We found that China and India—the world’s first and second most populous and still-developing countries—are leading the world in greening due to widespread crop farming.”

Additionally, they’ve explained,

“Green leaves produce sugars using energy from the sunlight to mix CO2 absorbed from the surrounding air with water and nutrients soaked up from the ground. These sugars, whose production helps eliminate CO2 from the atmosphere, are the source of food, fiber, and fuel for life on Earth.”

In other words, climate change in the form of global warming actually may help to eliminate carbon dioxide from Earth’s atmosphere, although human agricultural help in ensuring the most beneficial types of plants grow in new forest areas may contribute positively to the process.

There has been another major impact from global warming, as a recently published study in the highly-respected medical journal The Lancet revealed when it published on July 1, 2021. Sixty-eight (68) medical and climate scholars teamed up to produce the study, which carefully analyzed data from all of Earth’s continents.

The Lancet study, entitled, “Global, regional, and national burden of mortality associated with non-optimal ambient temperatures from 2000 to 2019: a three-stage modelling study,” revealed the following important conclusions taken from an enormous data compilation:

  • About half a million people die every year from heat.
  • About 4.5 million people die from cold.
  • Increasing temperatures during the past two decades have caused an extra 116,000 deaths per year from heat.
  • As a result of climate change (global warming), there are 283,000 fewer deaths from cold.
  • Global warming has actually saved approximately 166,000 lives per year since the beginning of the millenium.

Texas Railroad Commissioner Wayne Christian has said that the Paris Climate Accord will cost the U.S. economy “6.5 million jobs and $3 trillion in economic growth by 2040.” That doesn’t seem to be a very good investment.



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