Romney the RINO sticks horn in side of GOP again, embarrasses Utah, fails to support re-election of President Trump

Tweet confirming Senator Mitt Romney, an alleged Republican from Utah, failed to vote for President Donald Trump.

Holladay (Utah), October 22 – United States Senator Mitt Romney, the liberal posing as a Republican in representing the bedrock conservative State of Utah in the United States Senate, told CNN Correspondent Manu Raju yesterday that Romney had voted in the 2020 Presidential Election and did not vote for the re-election of President Donald Trump.

Utahns have expressed frustration over Romney’s terrible voting record since he won election to the Senate in the 2018 Election. One average citizen, Terry Cox of Vernal, frequently refers to Romney as “Massachusetts Mitt.”

Romney has frequently bickered with President Trump and was the only Republican who voted in favor of conviction of the President during the impeachment trial in 2018.

Romney has a terrible 77.27% rating with the American Conservative Union, while his colleague, Senator Mike Lee, has a 99.05% rating, the highest rating of any member of the United States Senate.

The Golden Hammer‘s Publisher Kelli Cox said of Romney, “He’s an embarrassment to the conservative family loving people – and dinosaurs – of Utah. If there were ever a RINO, Republican In Name Only, it’s Mitt.”



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