Riley’s runoff racism runs rampant (with wife’s weak whitewash)

Riley’s runoff racism runs rampant (with wife’s weak whitewash)
Image: Precinct 2 Montgomery County Commissioner Charlie Riley with one of his top racist supporters, Dana Polan Campbell, who on April 25 challenged a Gregory Parker for Precinct 2 Commissioner supporter, “So you’re really gonna vote for a black guy?”
Magnolia, April 28 – The rampant racism of Precinct 2 Montgomery County Commissioner Charlie Riley’s campaign for the May 22, 2018, Republican Runoff Election bubbled to the surface over the past two days after an incident at a Magnolia area Shell station when one of Riley’s top campaign workers, Dana Polan Campbell, while putting up Riley for Commissioner signs, questioned local businessman John Edwards, “So you’re really gonna vote for a black guy?”
Campbell referred to the African-American race of Republican challenger Gregory Parker, a former Comal County Commissioner and noted conservative author. Parker is running as a reform candidate to bring genuine mobility, flood mitigation, and government spending and tax reductions to the citizens of Commissioners Precinct 2.
Apparently, those closest to Riley can’t control their hatred of Parker’s race.
Showdown at the Shell station
On Wednesday, April 25, Campbell was driving down F.M. 1488 with a large load of “Riley for Commissioner” political signs. She stopped at the Shell station at Mostyn Manor and F.M. 1488 where local businessman John Edwards usually stops to purchase gas, because he is a friend of the store’s owner. Campbell began to place a political sign on the lawn next to the Shell station.
Local businessman John Edwards who supports Greg Parker for Precinct 2 County Commissioner.

Edwards strolled up to Campbell and began speaking with Campbell. Campbell explained that she was one of Riley’s best friends and asked Edwards if he would like a Riley political sign. Edwards responded, “No, he’s criminally indicted.” They talked a bit longer during which Edwards gave Campbell one of his business cards.

Campbell then turned to Edwards and said, “So you’re really gonna vote for a black guy?” Edwards answered, “What does being black have to do with anything?” Campbell added, “Parker was kicked out of office, because he’s black” referring to Parker’s two-term tenure as a Comal County Commissioner where Parker chose not to run for re-election (because he believes in term limits for elected servants.)

Campbell then went over to the County office where Riley’s wife, Deanne Riley, receives a salary. The next day, Deanne Riley, in an attempt to mask Campbell’s racist comments, posted on Facebook in the middle of the County office day. Deanne Riley accused Edwards of using profanity to cause the store owner to take the Riley political sign down.

In the middle of the County government’s normal operations day, on Thursday, April 26, 2018, Precinct 2 County Commissioner Charlie Riley’s wife, Deanne, who receives $58,000 per year in salary (plus benefits of approximately $23,700, for a total of $81,700 in compensation) from the taxpayers, was busy trying to whitewash her and Riley’s racist comments to Parker campaign supporter John Edwards.

The Golden Hammer has received video confirmation that Edwards merely asked the Shell store owner whether the owner was aware that Riley was under criminal indictment. The store owner took the sign down on his own initiative. Edwards had used no profanity.

After Edwards posted the video footage of his communications with Campbell and the Shell store owner on social media, Riley had nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. Riley has maintained a very close relationship with Campbell who is one of Riley’s highest-level campaign workers.

Around mid-morning on Friday, April 27, the word had spread around restaurants, meeting places, and retail establishments in Magnolia and other parts of Commissioners Precinct 2 that Riley not only had a vocal racist as one of his top campaign workers but that Riley and his wife were trying to cover up the racist incident.

While Riley has been totally quiet about the racism, which he apparently supports, his campaign manager Kristin Christ realized that a major public relations problem had developed. Therefore, Kristin Christ, not Riley, published the following on social media:

Precinct 2 County Commissioner Charlie Riley’s campaign manager Kristin Christ wrote this feeble attempt to disclaim the racist comments of one of Riley’s closest campaign supporters.
Riley, always very prideful, has failed to apologize to Parker or to anyone else for the comment.
Parker issued a statement late Friday afternoon in which he said,
“It was brought to my attention that supporters of my opponent Charlie Riley have made racist statements on video about me to one of my campaign supporters. It was my hope that this election would not be about race, but about the issues. While I agree with Commissioner Riley and appreciate his acknowledgement that racial slurs have no place in this campaign, I must call his attention to the fact that this is not an isolated incident. There has been a pattern of attacks on me that have not only strained credulity but shown a very racially biased pattern. I appreciate Commissioner Riley agreeing with me that civility must be returned to this election, yet, I challenge him to continue to hold his supporters to that task.  This is and should be a campaign of ideas for Precinct Two and for our future.”
Riley did not return calls seeking comment.
While this behavior may have been acceptable in Colorado in 1926, it’s not acceptable in Montgomery County, Texas, in 2018.



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