Riley’s liberal political machine decimates Montgomery County Republican Party’s General Election campaign

Riley’s liberal political machine decimates Montgomery County Republican Party’s General Election campaign

Image: Precinct 2 Montgomery County Commissioner Charlie Riley, who filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2002 and now controls the Montgomery County Republican Party and the “Republican Voters of Texas PAC,” appeared with Democrat Jimmie Dotson, who is running for election to the Woodlands Township Board of Directors in the November 3, 2020, General Election.

The Golden Hammer Staff Reports

Conroe, Magnolia, and The Woodlands, October 19 – The Montgomery County Republican Party suffers from complete disarray in its November 3, 2020, General Election campaign, after Precinct 2 Montgomery County Commissioner Charlie Riley and his liberal allies successfully chased away grassroots conservatives who led the 2018 General Election campaign and provided United States Senator Ted Cruz with more than 42% of his statewide winning victory margin. In 2018, grassroots Montgomery County conservatives garnered 73.00% of the General Election vote for then businessman Donald Trump. Predictions for this year’s election are substantially lower, because the Party has lost its way.

Riley and his liberal political action committee, the so-called “Republican Voters of Texas PAC,” which is not Republican, not many voters, and not at all a statewide organization, successfully foisted the grassroots leadership of the Montgomery County Republican Party out of elected office in the March 3, 2020, Republican Primary Election. Several prominent grassroots leaders – former Vice Chairman Reagan Reed, former Steering Committeeman Jon Bouche, former Finance Chair Kelli Cook, and several very active conservative Precinct Chairs, such as Karen Zeller, Jennie Stevenson, Russ Shoup, Walter West, Marcus Wooldridge, and Jim Doyle – lost to liberal Precinct Chairs who promised they’d work hard in the General Election for the Republican candidates and are nowhere to be found.

Two years ago at this time, the Victory 2018 Steering Committee of the Republican Party, celebrated its hundreds of volunteers at a “Motivate the Vote” social event at which several of the Republican Nominees thanked the volunteers and recognized them at the East Shore Clubhouse in The Woodlands. Those volunteers had completed blockwalking to over 15,000 doors to ensure a strong victory for Republican candidates all the way down the ballot.

The Montgomery County Republican Party (MCRP) enjoyed its strongest victory in general election history under the grassroots leadership in 2018. Strangely, however, the narrative coming out of the political “establishment” – liberals Riley and Nelda Blair, and disgraced former Republican Chairman Wally Wilkerson – was that MCRP was in deep trouble. At an October, 2019, fundraiser in Austin, Texas Governor Greg Abbott confronted Montgomery County grassroots volunteers about how the MCRP was supposedly in “disarray,” but those volunteers explained to the wayward governor that he totally misunderstood the facts about the strength of the MCRP. Abbott asked one volunteer, “What’s going on with the Republican mess in Montgomery County?” The volunteer responded, “We’re a stronger Party than ever.”

In reality, the mess is now, not two years ago when the grassroots reached their zenith of organization and influence.

The Victory 2020 campaign has failed to raise any funds. The Golden Hammer confirmed yesterday that the MCRP has not raised any funds whatsoever in 2020 for the General Election campaign but, instead, relies upon the money the grassroots raised two years ago.

There has been no organized blockwalking in 2020. Unlike in 2018, when the Victory 2018 Steering Committee raised just under $20,000 on its own for the General Election campaign and sent a popular mailer to likely Republican voters, organized the blockwalking, designed and printed a popular pushcard with an American Eagle theme, made and distributed signs which matched the pushcards, put up signs at Early Voting and at voters’ homes, and had a legion of volunteers distributing flyers at the Early Voting polls, the Victory 2020 campaign has faltered completely.

There have been no workers at the polls representing the MCRP or the MCRP-denounced “Republican Voters of Texas PAC.” One lady, Cindy Miller, who has no official position with the Republican Party, was shocked when she went to vote at the polls and found no signs for President Trump or pro-Republican literature available to voters as they arrived. Miller used her own money to put up Trump signs and tents at several Early Voting locations that afternoon.

Meanwhile, the Victory 2020 Committee’s messaging has been nothing short of bizarre. A pushcard, which “establishment” Precinct Chairman Gary Reynolds, who is a close Riley confidante and associate, designed, has the main message that “Republicans liberate SLAVES.” The Reynolds pushcard, which a few Republican volunteers have handed to unsuspecting voters, also has the following other strangely worded and almost incomprehensible messages:

  • “YOU Choose Faithful, Loyal, Trustworthy”
  • “We Republicans Love PEOPLE”
  • “For Communities @ RNC”
  • “President Trump BELIEVES in ME – BELIEVES IN YOU”
  • “Kenneth Hayden – For YOUR God Endowed Rights.”
  • “No TRAFFICING [sic] @ GOP.”

MCRP has failed to send volunteers to work at the polls. MCRP has failed to place signs at the polls. MCRP has failed to organize blockwalking.

Meanwhile, Riley, who controls MCRP and the “Republican Voters of Texas PAC,” has met openly with and shown support for Democrats, such as the Woodlands Township candidate Jimmie Dotson, who is challenging a conservative in the November 3 General Election. Riley has consistently been the liberal leader on the Montgomery County Commissioners Court. He has built a strong political machine to fool voters in his Commissioners Precinct 2 to believe they’re voting for a conservative leader, when, in fact, Riley, who was a bankrupt truck driver and truck stop operator in 2002, has a strong pro-government-spending pro-transexual rights voting record.

After Riley met with Dotson, Dotson remarked on October 1, “I am looking forward to collaborating with him [Riley] on many issues.” Riley, of course, was the instigator of the unpopular Woodlands Parkway Extension and still has kept a Branch Crossing Extension and a Gosling Road Extension through the middle of the W.G. Jones State Forest on the Major Thoroughfare Plan over which Riley presides.

United States Senator Ted Cruz has predicted “a bloodbath of Watergate proportions” for Republican candidates in the November 3, 2020, General Election. MCRP is doing little to help that situation.

MCRP’s theme that “Republicans Liberate SLAVES” seems approximately 160 years out of date.




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