Riley’s fake “Republican” PAC excludes Republican Party officials Reed, Winter

Riley’s fake “Republican” PAC excludes Republican Party officials Reed, Winter

Image: Montgomery County Republican Party Vice Chairman Reagan Reed.

The Golden Hammer Staff Reports

The Woodlands, September 19 – The so-called “Republican Voters of Texas PAC,” the fake monikered group which is trying to fool voters by claiming it’s Republican, summarily excluded Montgomery County Republican Party (“MCRP”) Vice Chairman Reagan Reed and State Republican Executive Committeewoman Allison Winter, two of the top Republican officials in Montgomery County, from the group’s organizational meeting on Wednesday, September 18, 2019.

The organization had advertised the meeting to Republican women’s organizations but only a small number of people attended the meeting, which included Kristin Nichole, Charlie Riley’s social planner and the wife of Bryan Christ who is running for County Chairman of the MCRP. The meeting was to begin around 6:30 p.m. Wednesday evening.

Reed told The Golden Hammer, “Mrs. Winter and I decided to attend the meeting, because they claim they’re a Republican organization and we wanted to show our desire for unity and working together as Republicans. I was shocked and chagrined when we were told to turn around and leave, because we weren’t welcome.”

Reed and Winter went to the house. Winter walked up to the door first and, as the two Republican leaders approached the front door, they heard stirring inside of the home and saw the window blinds quickly slammed shut. Reed saw that Nichole was in the meeting through the window before the next events occurred.

The owner of the home, Suzanne Adams, stepped outside and closed the front door behind her. Winter cheerily said, “We’re here for the meeting.”

Adams responded, “We only allow members into the meeting.”

Winter said, “There’s a meeting of Republicans here. We’re Republicans.”

Reed interjected, “Yes, we’re Republicans. Aren’t you claiming to be the ‘Republican Voters of Texas’?”

Adams answered, “No, you will not be allowed in this meeting.”

On June 4, 2019, by a landslide margin of 25 votes in favor to only 15 against, the GOP County Executive Committee, comprised of the elected Republican Precinct Chairs in Montgomery County, condemned the divisive “Republican Voters of Texas PAC,” which Precinct 2 Montgomery County Commissioner Charlie Riley and his social party planner created in order to try to defeat conservative candidates.

The MCRP also condemned the divisive behavior of the PAC’s president, Maritza Ghiselle “Ritzy” Fletcher, vice president John Webb, and treasurer Linda Stuckey for “destructive, divisive, deceptive, [and] spiteful activity within the Montgomery County Republican Party.” The Riley-sponsored PAC published a “hit list” of conservative leaders the fake Republican group hopes to defeat and, during the November 2018 General Election, “worked to defeat any and all…Republicans who stand in support of the RPT [Republican Party of Texas] Rules, Texas Election ode and the newly adopted MCRP bylaws.”

With 62.5% voting in favor of the resolution to end the terribly divisive behavior of the fake Riley PAC, the Republican Party announced that it “condemns and denounces the…[fake] PAC and demands that they cease and desist their bad faith use of the word ‘Republican’ in the name of their PAC and that they immediately discontinue this type of destructive, divisive, deceptive, spiteful activity…”

Nichole’s participation in the meeting is particularly troubling. She’s married to Bryan Christ who is running for MCRP Chairman. It certainly seems strange that Christ’s wife would participate in a so-called “Republican” meeting which purposefully (and rudely) excluded two of the top Republican elected officials in Montgomery County.

Riley and Nichole have made clear that they are at “war with conservative precinct chairs” and created a “hit list” targeting conservatives who serve as elected Republican Precinct Chairs.



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