Riley’s best friend Gage has to admit “the infrastructure is way behind” but offers his support anyway

No merit, just who you know: Former Montgomery County Sheriff Tommy Gage ripped Precinct 2 County Commissioner Charlie Riley because the “infrastructure is way behind,” but endorsed him out of friendship anyway.

Conroe, April 12 – Former Montgomery County Sheriff Tommy Gage spoke before the Commissioners Court on Tuesday, April 10, 2018, and had to admit that, under his best friend’s Precinct 2 County Commissioner Charlie Riley’s poor performance, “the infrastructure is way behind.” Nevertheless, in the second half of his comments Gage remembered that he was speaking to support Riley rather than speak the truth about him, so Gage endorsed his buddy, even though the Montgomery County Law Enforcement Association, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, The Golden Hammer, TURF, Texas Right to Life, Montgomery County Tea Party, Texas Patriots PAC, and Freedom & Liberty Conservatives PAC have all endorsed Riley’s opponent, former Comal County Commissioner and conservative author Gregory Parker.

With Riley, merit in job performance makes no difference to his friends, because he does all the favors they want.

Riley promised in 2014 that he would get F.M. 2978 widened before the end of his first term. That project isn’t even in design. Instead, Riley has focused his time and energy on defending his pending criminal indictment for alleged official misconduct in the form of a conspiracy to violate the Texas Open Meetings Act.

Gage blamed Riley and the Commissioners Court. He noted “I live off of 2978. And I deal with that traffic everyday.” While Gage then pivoted to his political endorsement of his best friend, Gage had already done serious additional damage to Riley’s already tarnished reputation for his failures to achieve any successes in mobility projects.

County voters approved 24 road bonds projects for Riley’s Precinct 2 in November, 2015. By May, 2017, Riley had not started construction on any of those projects with the exception of one of them. As the situation currently stands in April, 2018, Riley has not begun construction on 17 of 24 road bond projects.

Gage had every reason to complain about Riley, even though he turned an about-face for his political endorsement of his buddy when he realized how harshly he had criticized the incumbent Precinct 2 County Commissioner.

The full text of Gage’s comments follows:

“Good morning, judge and commissioners. I’m sure glad to be back in court but I’m glad I don’t this all the time. But I’m enjoying it. My name’s Tommy Gage. I’ve lived in this county over 45 years. I live in the house that my daddy built in the 60s and I’ve seen a lot of changes in this county.

“The infrastructure is way behind and for us to consider not putting a tollroad or any other road in this county to help the infrastructure and people get around because I live in the middle of it. I live off of 2978. And I deal with that traffic everyday. I go to Magnolia during the Renaissance and you can’t get through Magnolia during those two months that they’re in there. To me, the Renaissance will pay for this the people that use it because it’s going to come right there across from 1488 and come right out at the Renaissance. What a perfect thing for us in Magnolia and Precinct 2. I’ll be brief. I’ve set in here before when a lot of people say the same things. But I’m here to support my commissioner. He’s doing an outstanding job. And certainly I hope that everybody will turn out in this runoff election and vote for my commissioner, Charlie Riley.”

With that endorsement, Gage made the harsh truth known: the only people supporting Charlie Riley for re-election are the ones who have some vested interest in his political career.



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