Riley’s anti-GOP attitude overwhelms his supporters, as their fake “Republican” PAC spins into pro-democrat group

Riley’s anti-GOP attitude overwhelms his supporters, as their fake “Republican” PAC spins into pro-democrat group

Image: Screen shot of Deanne Riley’s approval of anti-Republican vote in the electoral contest for Montgomery County Judge in the November 6, 2018, General Election. Deanne Riley is the wife of Precinct 2 Montgomery County Commissioner Charlie Riley, who is the Republican Nominee for that position, but who has gone to war with conservatives, law enforcement, and other Republican candidates.

Magnolia, October 31 – Precinct 2 Montgomery County Commissioner Charlie Riley announced on May 22, when he won the Republican Runoff Election against conservative Gregory Parker, that he was going to war against conservatives and against the law enforcement community, neither of whom backed him for re-election. Riley got less than one hundred votes more than the newcomer Parker out of 15,224 cast in the March 6 Republican Primary Election, because of Riley’s liberal pro-spending, pro-tollroad voting record.

Riley’s strange political positions have translated into his core supporters backing democrats in the November 6 General Election. Riley has refused to attend Republican campaign functions and has refused to back Mark Keough, the Republican Nominee for Montgomery County Judge. In fact, the Commissioner has been tight-lipped about whether he supports any Republicans other than himself.

Yesterday, Riley’s wife, Deanne Riley, who is his closest political supporter and the beneficiary of a County government job Riley created for her in October, 2016, when then-incoming Sheriff Rand Henderson decided he would not retain Deanne Riley as an employee of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, made clear she approves of voters who support her husband but are “looking elsewhere,” i.e., for the ultra-liberal democrat, for Montgomery County Judge. The GOP’s Keough faces a challenge on November 6 from an ultra-liberal gay rights activist who has fought for the democrat platform and many other liberal causes.

When Riley won the Runoff on May 22, he seemed focused on retribution against people who didn’t support his re-election more than he wanted to thank people who had helped him win. First, Riley declared war on the Republican Precinct Chairs in Commissioners Precinct 2 who didn’t support his candidacy. “We got some folks that need to be gone from here in Precinct 2…If you don’t hear nothing else, we got momentum. We got problems in our Precinct Chairs and other places. We need to deal with it and we need to start dealing with it now.” Eleven conservative Republican Precinct Chairs in Commissioners Precinct 2 endorsed Riley’s electoral opponent Greg Parker. Second, Riley declared war on the law enforcement community as a whole after the Montgomery County Law Enforcement Association (MCLEA) endorsed Parker over him in the Primary and in the Runoff. Riley has consistently voted against law enforcement spending requests in the Montgomery County Commissioners Court.

MCLEA chose not to endorse Riley for re-election in the General Election. MCLEA did endorse Keough for Montgomery County Judge

Riley’s fake PAC

Riley and his political team have chosen to form a new fake political action committee by the name of “Republican Voters of Texas PAC” to try to confuse voters about their affiliation and endorsements. Riley’s campaign manager, Kristin Nichole also known as Kristin Christ, runs the phony PAC and has prepared all of its advertising. In reality, despite its name, the new phony PAC is openly working for democrats instead of Republicans.

The phony PAC claims that its president is Ritzy Fletcher, who is the wife of a City of Shenandoah City Councilman. Fletcher made clear on social media yesterday that she and her family support Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke and democrats in the November 2018 General Election.


Social media post, October 30, 2018, where Ritzy Fletcher, the wife of a Shenandoah city councilman and president of Charlie Riley’s fake “Republican Voters of Texas PAC,” announced her support of the democrat slate of candidates.

At least two other board members of Riley’s fake “Republican Voters of Texas PAC” are openly supporting the ultra-liberal gay rights activist who is running for Montgomery County Judge. They are Greg Long, who has multiple felony convictions for drug dealing and works closely with JP James Metts, and Jodi Ruonavar, who resigned as a Republican Precinct Chair on March 6 when liberal lame duck County Judge Craig Doyal lost his re-election bid. Doyal is also supporting the democrat for County Judge.

The phony PAC has close ties to Wally Wilkerson, the rogue GOP Chairman, whom the State Republican Executive Committee’s Officials Committee determined “engaged in conduct to disgrace the Republican Party” on October 2. One of Wilkerson’s attorneys who lost that ruling is on the fake PAC Board, as is Charlie Parada, who acted as Wilkerson’s spokesman to the State Republican Executive Committee, even though Parada’s wife, Judy Parada, a member of the State Republican Executive Committee, voted against Wilkerson on a major vote.

Additionally, a left-leaning political activist, James Nelson, who has worked on the Riley campaign, has campaigned for the democrat running for Montgomery County Judge and also passes out campaign flyers for Riley’s fake PAC.

A happy reunion occurred in Magnolia last week when disgraced Montgomery County Treasurer Stephanne Davenport, who rarely shows up for work at her office in the Sadler Administration Building in Conroe, appeared at the Magnolia Early Voting location to give Riley a big public hug and show of support.

Riley’s fake PAC seems more focused on opposing perceived personal enemies than supporting candidates with any particular ideology.  Despite the need for deregulation and lower water bills, Riley’s fake PAC is opposing property rights advocates Jon Bouche, Larry Rogers, and Harry Hardman. Bouche and Rogers happen to be conservative Republican Precinct Chairs who voted to adopt new Bylaws to vitalize the Montgomery County Republican Party. Hardman, who may be one of the most popular candidates running for any position, is running against the left-leaning son of a former ally of Wilkerson’s.

With all of Riley’s closest supporters working vociferously for liberal democrats and against conservatives and against the law enforcement community’s interests, it’s becoming pretty apparent that Riley himself is openly anti-Republican, anti-law enforcement, and a proud socialist. So is his phony PAC, the so-called “Republican Voters of Texas PAC.”

Neither Riley nor Doyal returned telephone calls seeking comments.

Update: The reaction of Riley’s supporters to this article is priceless. Their response is basically “Yeah, it’s true. So what?” The reason it’s important is because they’re finally coming out of the closet: they’re actually democrats, not Republicans. Like Wilkerson, they’ve ridden the wave of suburban Republican-leaning voters who have moved into the Montgomery County by lying to those people and claiming they’re Republicans as well.




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