Riley works with Wilkerson, convicted felons to create “Hit List” against conservatives; Wilkerson still disavows Bylaws

Riley works with Wilkerson, convicted felons to create “Hit List” against conservatives; Wilkerson still disavows Bylaws

Image: Screen shot of the “Hit List” against conservative Republican Precinct Chairs which Precinct 2 Montgomery County Commissioner, County GOP Chairman Wally Wilkerson, and a family of democrats who are convicted felons in East Montgomery County developed together and published right after the June 26, 2018, organizational meeting of the County GOP Executive Committee. Riley’s campaign, Wilkerson, and the family of felons have updated the list since then.

Conroe, Magnolia, and Splendora, December 2 – Precinct 2 Montgomery County Commissioner, whose focus is retribution against those who dared oppose him for re-election, despite his terribly liberal voting record on the Commissioners Court and his pending criminal indictment, has worked with rogue County GOP Chairman Wally Wilkerson and a family of convicted felons from East Montgomery County who are democrats to develop and publish a “Hit List” of conservative Republican Precinct Chairs. Two members of the family, which lives in a school bus in the Splendora area, served in federal prison for defrauding victims of Hurricane Katrina.

On October 2, 2018, the State Republican Executive Committee’s (SREC) Officials Committee, determined that Wilkerson had “engaged in behavior designed to disgrace the Republican Party.” Wilkerson has refused to follow the Montgomery County Republican Party’s (MCRP) Bylaws or even to acknowledge that they exist. Specifically, the SREC asked Wilkerson whether he would abide by the Bylaws, which the County GOP Executive Committee (CEC) passed on June 26 during a meeting over which Wilkerson presided. Wilkerson told the SREC’s Officials Committee that he would not abide by the Bylaws. Wilkerson has continued to violate the Texas Election Code by failing to notify the County Elections Administrator of the appointment of Republican Precinct Chairs to fill vacancies.

Riley is already under one criminal indictment for allegedly conspiring to circumvent the Texas Open Meetings Act. A Montgomery County Grand Jury and the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office, in response to charges and investigatory work by two Deputies in the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office as well as reports from Riley’s own employees, are conducting a criminal investigation of Riley with respect to other matters. Riley, however, has lied to the citizens and to voters in the November 6 General Election by telling them that there is no such investigation proceeding.

The Riley-Wilkerson-Family of Felons “Hit List”

Riley, Wilkerson, and the family of felons prepared together the “Hit List” of conservative Republican Precinct Chairs whom the voters elected in the March 6 Republican Primary Election. Wilkerson has worked closely with the family of felons on other projects including a video interview he did on July 1 in which he called all of the Republican Precinct Chairs who voted for the MCRP’s Bylaws “losers.” With Wilkerson presiding over the meeting, the Bylaws passed by a 39 to 31 vote in the CEC on June 26.

Wilkerson is upset, because the MCRP Bylaws disperse authority among the Precinct Chairs and Party Committees to encourage involvement by grassroots conservatives and voters as activists. Wilkerson has refused to acknowledge the election of the MCRP Treasurer, John Wertz, the MCRP Secretary, Rachel Bingham, or the MCRP Vice Chairman, Reagan Reed, during the June 26 meeting over Wilkerson presided. Since June 26, Wilkerson has walked out of three CEC meetings over which he has initially presided, because the Precinct Chairs didn’t vote the way he had wanted.

Riley is upset, because a number of conservative Republican Precinct Chairs supported his electoral opponent, conservative icon Gregory Parker, in the Republican Primary Election. Therefore, Riley, through his campaign manager, formed a fake group, the “Republican Voters of Texas PAC” whose president, Ritzy Fletcher, openly campaigned for democrats in the November General Election, and which has a number of members who campaigned for the democrat who ran for County Judge against County Judge-Elect Mark Keough. The Board of Directors of Riley’s PAC includes at least one person who is a two-time convicted felon drug dealer.

Riley is also at war against the law enforcement community, because Montgomery County’s largest and most influential law enforcement association, the Montgomery County Law Enforcement Association (MCLEA), endorsed Parker over Riley and refused to endorse Riley in the General Election after he had become the Republican Nominee.

Several Precinct Chairs saw the “Hit List” on Wilkerson’s desk on June 28 in the old Republican Party office where Wilkerson works. In the past few days, Riley’s campaign manager mistakenly distributed the “Hit List” to individuals who were on it. Riley, Wilkerson, and the felons had updated information on the “Hit List” since June 26.

The Precinct Chairs whom Riley, Wilkerson, and their felon family have targeted are:

  • Precinct 1 Joseph Sager (GOP Technology Committee Vice Chairman)
  • Precinct 3 Merrilyn Kulis
  • Precinct 4 Paul Gebolys (GOP Steering Committee Member, MCRP Precinct Chair Support Committee Chairman)
  • Precinct 7 David Berka
  • Precinct 9 Quentin Smith
  • Precinct 10 Mark Frank (MCRP Financial Review Committee Chairman)
  • Precinct 12 Karen Zeller
  • Precinct 13 Brian Crumby (GOP Steering Committee Member, MCRP Rules Committee Chairman)
  • Precinct 14 Amber Shippam (MCRP Resolutions Committee Chair)
  • Precinct 16 Walter West, II (State Republican Executive Committeeman, Senatorial District 4)
  • Precinct 17 Samuel Allison
  • Precinct 18 Jonathan O’Der
  • Precinct 24 James Byers
  • Precinct 25 Phill Cady
  • Precinct 27 Dale Inman (GOP Steering Committee Member, Victory 2018 Campaign Chairman, MCRP Candidates Committee Chair, Conroe ISD Board Member)
  • Precinct 28 Daniel Ure (MCRP Parliamentarian)
  • Precinct 30 Guy Stripling
  • Precinct 31 Betty Anderson (Chair, Montgomery County Eagle Forum)
  • Precinct 33 Scott Robbins
  • Precinct 35 Jon Bouche (GOP Steering Committee Member, FLCPAC Chairman, Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District Board Member)
  • Precinct 40 Henry Daniels
  • Precinct 42 Bill Philbert
  • Precinct 49 Orville Jolly
  • Precinct 50 Reagan Reed (GOP Vice Chairman, Empower Texans Correspondent)
  • Precinct 51 John Barton
  • Precinct 52 Wayne Pearson
  • Precinct 56 Jim Doyle
  • Precinct 57 Ashley Burke
  • Precinct 59 Allison Winter (State Republican Executive Committeewoman, Senatorial District 4)
  • Precinct 60 Andrew Nedrow
  • Precinct 66 Adrian Kaiser (GOP Steering Committee Member)
  • Precinct 67 (Kathryn Ross)
  • Precinct 69 John Hill Wertz (MCRP Treasurer, GOP Steering Committee Member, Montgomery County Tea Party Vetting Committee Chairman)
  • Precinct 70 Jack Munich
  • Precinct 74 Ginger Russell (also known as the “Quiet Lady From Magnolia”)
  • Precinct 75 Larry Rogers (Montgomery County Tea Party PAC Chairman, Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District Board Member)
  • Precinct 81 Sandra Grossman
  • Precinct 83 Patricia Carr
  • Precinct 84 Tuffly Lind
  • Precinct 85 Rachel Bingham (MCRP Secretary)
  • Precinct 86 Jennie Stephenson
  • Precinct 88 Fred Sunderman
  • Precinct 90 Russ Shoup
  • Precinct 91 Marcus Woolridge
  • Precinct 94 Mary Lewis
  • Precinct 96 Patrick Green

Party Bylaws

The following organizations and individuals have all ruled that the adoption of the MCRP’s Bylaws on June 26, 2018 was valid:

  • State Republican Party Chairman James Dickey;
  • The State Republican Executive Committee, by a 64 to 0 vote, which included Judy Parada, SREC Committeewoman from Senatorial District 3, Allison Winter, SREC Committeewoman from Senatorial District 4, and Walter West, II, SREC Committeeman from Senatorial District 4;
  • Wally Wilkerson, presiding over the CEC meeting on June 26, 2018;
  • Daniel Ure, Parliamentarian of MCRP;
  • The State Republican Executive Committee’s Officials Committee, on October 2, 2018;
  • The General Counsel of the Texas Republican County Chairmen’s Association, at the request of Wilkerson, in a formal opinion letter; and
  • Wilkerson’s appointed Parliamentarian Jim Wiggins, during the June 26 meeting.

Nevertheless, on December 1, 2018, in an apparent grasp at delusion, Wilkerson sent the following email to Precinct 74 Chair Ginger Russell:

It’s questionable whether Wilkerson even wrote the email himself. Who would refer to himself as “Dr. Wally”?





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