Riley PAC’s endorsement of Hardman’s opponent for LSGCD reveals problem with Republican establishment

Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District at-large candidate Harry Hardman.

Conroe, November 6 – The fake political action committee, which Charlie Riley’s campaign manager Kristin Nichole created and leads, endorsed the opponent of Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District (LSGCD) At-Large (Countywide) candidate Harry Hardman, as their political flyers reveal. That endorsement shows the precise reason that voters should not take the political establishment seriously: they don’t act out of principles but only out of loyalty to each other.

Hardman is one of the seven candidates running to reform the LSGCD in its historic first election of its Board of Directors to move the troubled state agency away from it anti-citizen, anti-property rights, pro-regulation positions and move it towards true representation of the beliefs of Montgomery County citizens in favor of property rights. The specific problem with LSGCD is that its current Board, under the control of the San Jacinto River Authority (SJRA), has created a regulatory-induced shortage of water and forced citizens and those who supply them with water to purchase that water very expensively from SJRA’s surface water supply.

By over-regulating and unnecessarily restricting groundwater production, SJRA has gotten the LSGCD to force its customers to enter into expensive contracts for surface water, even where those customers have access to much less expensive groundwater. For example, the City of Conroe and the City of Magnolia both have had to enter into costly contracts with SJRA after LSGCD severely restricted production of groundwater from those municipalities’ water wells.

Hardman, running for LSGCD Position 5, and six other candidates (Stuart Traylor in Position 1, Jim Spigener in Position 2, Jon Paul Bouche in Position 3, Jonathan Prykryl in Position 4, Webb Melder in Position 6, and Larry Rogers in Position 7) have made clear that they believe LSGCD’s regulatory overreach springs from junk science and the clear impetus from the SJRA to force water users to purchase their water more expensively from that agency.

On the current Board of Directors, one Board member clearly has one of the worst and most anti-citizen voting records, Gregg Hope. Hope consistently votes in favor of SJRA’s business interests, in favor of more restrictive regulations of private property rights, and in favor of more expensive water every single time. He’s been downright rude towards former Mayor Webb Melder, one of the few current Board members who fights for property rights and against groundwater regulations.

Plank 328 of the Republican Party of Texas Platform declares: “Property ownership and free enterprise, the foundation of our collective wealth, must not be abridged nor denied by government.” The Republican Platform Plank specifically refers to groundwater among those rights which government must not abridge.

Riley’s campaign manager clearly created the new PAC, which works against the interests of Republican voters, to support the political establishment and the efforts of the establishment to work against and to ignore the Republican Party Platform. That PAC, named “Republican Voters of Texas PAC,” endorsed Hope over Hardman. When this newspaper asked some of the Board members why they endorsed Hope, the answer was repeatedly “he’s the son of one of our friends.” Others have reported similar conversations with those members of the fake Riley PAC. They’re willing to go so far as to confuse voters to believe that someone is a “Republican” when he is, in fact, the anti-Republican, just out of loyalty.

That endorsement is precisely the problem with the political establishment. They work against citizen interests in order to remain loyal to each other.




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