Revitalized, grassroots-driven Montgomery County Republican Party reaches major fundraising goals for 2019

Revitalized, grassroots-driven Montgomery County Republican Party reaches major fundraising goals for 2019
Image: Montgomery County Republican Party’s elected Treasurer John Hill Wertz (right) has made it his quest to raise sufficient funds for the local Republican Party to fund the Victory 2020 general election campaign. Wertz’s efforts along with those of the Party’s Finance Committee have put the Republican Party in great shape to ensure the Party’s grassroots conservatives will lead Montgomery County to a huge victory margin in November, 2020. In this photograph, Wertz brought his fundraising efforts to the Women’s Guild of the New Orleans Opera on November 15, 2019.
The Golden Hammer Staff Reports
Conroe, January 6 – Once again, the Montgomery County Republican Party (MCRP), revitalized when grassroots conservatives worked to spread the authority of the Party among volunteers rather in the hands of a dictatorial, liberal, do-nothing Chairman, has reached a major milestone, this time in fundraising. MCRP’s elected Treasurer John Hill Wertz announced in early December, 2019, that the local Republican Party had raised over $28,000 in funds for the Victory 2020 General Election campaign to ensure the election of the Republican slate of candidate. Wertz made the announcement at the MRCP’s County Executive Committee meeting where the elected Precinct Chairs gave Wertz and Finance Committee Chair Kelli Cook thunderous applause for their work as well as the work of their entire Finance Committee and Golf Tournament Committee team.
Wertz excitedly explained, “We finished 2019 with approximately $30,300 in the bank. Our new local GOP bylaws, voted in by a majority of conservative precinct chairs in June of 2018 and which redistributed power amongst those chairs, resulted in immediate success in the November 2018 election. Conservatives were re-energized to the point where, through our grassroots efforts, Montgomery County provided a whopping 40% of the statewide difference between Ted Cruz and Beto in their election. In that election, it also became readily apparent that not only were we a major factor in Senator Cruz’s victory, but we can no longer count on counties like Harris and even Fort Bend, that used to be reliably red.  Which means that more of us conservatives in Montgomery County will have to get involved.  It really comes down to messaging and engagement.  And getting that message out to conservatives of how critical not only the national elections are, but the state and local as well.”

Wertz added, “The primaries are equally as important, as we continue to drain the swamp of liberals. Whether one helps by rolling up their sleeves and/or financially, it’s important to get educated on the candidates and issues.  For instance, Montgomery County Tea Party has a plethora of information and recommendations on the candidates and issues for which they’ve conducted interviews and research.”

Cook told The Golden Hammer in an exclusive interview, “I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the die-hard Republicans in Montgomery County that are dedicated to keeping Montgomery County the conservative stronghold of Texas. Without the continued support of thousands of true red blooded patriots, Montgomery County could fall into the hands of the socialists that have taken over the democrat party. We must continue to give of our time, talent and treasure to ensure we don’t suffer the fate of other suburban counties that went blue in 2018.”

MCRP Vice Chairman Reagan Reed echoed Cook’s comments and provided his own analysis: “The great success in fundraising that the Victory Committee has achieved shows that the grassroots in this County is energized like never before.  With the reforms made in the party over the last year, we have made the Republican Party something that conservative voters want to contribute to. Credit for this largely goes to Kelli Cook as chair of the Finance Committee, John Wertz, who spearheaded the extraordinarily successful golf tournament, and Jon Bouche for his overall leadership organizing and energizing the party. The MCRP has a great team in place, and keeping this successful team will be critical to getting President Trump the votes he needs to win the 2020 election.”
Wertz, Cook, and a host of volunteers raised more than $27,000 through five different fundraising mechanisms:
– MCRP netted more than $24,830 through its First Annual Golf Tournament, which MCRP celebrate on October 14, 2019;
– The Republican Party profited more than $1,080 from T-shirt sales;
– The Party raised $1,240 through recurring monthly donations from local contributors;
– MCRP profited $630 through the sale of Trump for President signs; and
– The Finance Committee raised $712 through an “envelope wall” at the County Executive Committee meeting.
In June, 2018, the MCRP adopted new bylaws during a meeting of the Precinct Chairs over which the County Republican Chairman Wally Wilkerson presided. The new bylaws dispersed authority within the MCRP to the Precinct Chairs, Area Chairs, and a Steering Committee composed of volunteers.
With the new bylaws in place, the MCRP ran a grassroots conservative volunteer-driven General Election campaign, which was the premiere suburban county campaign in all of Texas in the November, 2018, General Election. Under the leadership of Cook, Victory 2018 Steering Committee Chairman Dale Inman, Steering Committee member Jon Bouche, Treasurer Wertz, MCRP Vice Chairman Reagan Reed, and hundreds of volunteers, the Victory 2018 Committee garnered 42% of United States Senator Ted Cruz’s statewide victory margin from Montgomery County alone.
Clearly, the re-election of President Donald Trump and of the Republican Party’s United States Senate candidate, and the election of other Republican candidates depend upon the grassroots conservatives continuing to operate the Republican Party as effectively as they have since the passage of the new bylaws in June, 2018.



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