Retired County Treasurer Martha Gustavsen endorses Melanie Pryor Bush over incumbent Davenport

Retired Montgomery County Treasurer Martha Gustavsen, right, with her husband Bob Gustavsen.

Conroe, January 4 – Retired Montgomery County Treasurer Martha Gustavsen, one of the most popular figures in the history of Montgomery County politics, has endorsed Conroe Independent School District Board of Trustees President Melanie Pryor Bush to replace incumbent County Treasurer Stephanne Davenport. Gustavsen had hired Davenport as a secretary in the County Treasurer’s Department and did not support the Commissioners Court’s appointment of Davenport, which then County Commissioner Craig Doyal had led, to the position in 2013 when Gustavsen retired. Doyal wanted to ensure a high paying job in the County government for his daughter who is a friend of Davenport’s.

In endorsing Bush for County Treasurer, Gustavsen said, “The Treasurer’s Office sits in a one-of-a-kind position. The Treasurer should maintain fiscal transparency and open the discussion on the county’s budget. Melanie Bush will capitalize on both opportunities – while streamlining and modernizing the Office’s operations.” Bush’s opponent, the incumbent Davenport, has labored to keep her office procedures manual hidden from public view after Bush made a request under the Texas Open Records Act request for the document. Please see “Montgomery County Treasurer Davenport To Violate Texas Open Records Act, Texas Open Meetings Act In Attempt At Government Secrecy,” The Golden Hammer, December 16, 2017.

Gustavsen explained, “Transparency matters to Melanie. As the President for Conroe Independent School District’s Board of Trustees, Melanie understands that taxpayers can trust the government only when it is an open book. CISD has received several State Comptroller Stars for fiscal transparency.”

Davenport has focused on politics and nepotism as County Treasurer. Please see “County Treasurer Stephanne Davenport Lied About Not Wanting To Promote County Judge’s Daughter In Department Reorganization (The Davenports, Part 5),” The Golden Hammer, June 5, 2017. Bush has indicated that she wants to make the County Treasurer’s Office transparent and follow Generally Accepted Accounting Practices.

Gustavsen said further, “Melanie will also help our county budget responsibly. The Treasurer’s Office, not the County Auditor, should help our county’s departments compile conservative budgets to present to Commissioners Court. The Auditor does not need to be auditing how operations matched the budget she created. Melanie has helped CISD and scores of small businesses prepare budgets. Those skills will benefit our county.” Of course, the problem is that Davenport does not have the education or background to provide any budget or financial management. Bush, on the other hand, has a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from SMU and owns and manages Better Bookkeepers, a bookkeeping firm.

The former County Treasurer Gustavsen retired to enjoy her family and the rest of life. For several decades, Gustavsen was not only a County government leader as Treasurer but also one of the most active women in Texas in the Texas Federation of Republican Women.

“I rarely get involved in politics anymore. But this Treasurer’s race couldn’t go by without me weighing in. It’s too important for our County’s future,” said Gustavsen.





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