Republican Party’s County Executive Committee, thanks to leadership of Reed, Wilkerson, holds unified meeting, passes resolution in favor of Lambright Local Government Ethics and Reform Act

County Republican Chairman Wally Wilkerson (left) and Vice Chairman Reagan Reed (right) together ran a unified meeting of the Montgomery County Republican Party’s County Executive Committee on Monday, March 11, 2019.

Conroe, March 12 – The Montgomery County Republican Party had a wonderfully unified meeting on Monday, January 11, 2019, as elected Vice Chairman Reagan Reed and elected Chairman Wally Wilkerson led the meeting together to show unity in their goal to run a strong General Election campaign in November, 2020. Republican activists filled the room to watch the remarkable event.

Wilkerson explained at the beginning of the meeting, “Reagan and I have had two meetings. We understand how important it is for us to get along…This meeting is the kickoff for the campaign for 2020.”

Reed elaborated, “There are eleven standing committee of the Party. We need people to sign up for the committees.”

Wilkerson then said, “In the spirit and in work, I’m honored to have Reagan Reed, Vice Chairman, with me. We understand how important it is that we work in this election…I want everyone to understand how important it is that we work together.”

Reed added, “That was very well said. Look at the numbers…Look at margin of victory that Ted Cruz won…Montgomery County was 40% of his victory in the entire State…We’re the last major suburban county that’s still reliably Republican. That just underscores how critical this election is…I don’t see how we would come back from Texas going blue. The democrats can’t even condemn killing babies born alive and can’t condemn anti-semitism.”

Wilkerson responded, “He and I share the same concerns. This election is going to be critical.”

Wilkerson and Reed then jointly recognized the Party’s standing committee chairs in attendance, who each briefly gave presentations:

  • Paul Gebolys, Precinct Chair Support Committee;
  • Bill Brenza, Technology Committee;
  • Raquel Lewis, Public Relations and Marketing Committee;
  • Karen Darcy-Pawla, Community Engagement Committee;
  • Brian Crumby, Rules Committee;
  • Allison Winter, Vacancy Committee;
  • Kelli Cook, Finance Committee;
  • Dale Inman, Candidates Committee;
  • Amber Shippam, Resolutions Committee.

Wilkerson and Reed explained they want to appoint a Victory 2020 Steering Committee. Wilkerson suggested Susan Johnson of Magnolia as the Co-Chair. The Republican Party’s Steering Committee will meet later this month to nominate Steering Committee officers and members.

Reed offered a resolution for the Republican Party’s County Executive Committee to support House Bill 1495, pending in the Texas Legislature, now known as the “Lambright Local Government Ethics and Reform Act,” after Montgomery County Attorney JD Lambright, a valiant fighter for government ethics who passed away over this past weekend. State Representatives Steve Toth and Will Metcalf and Senator Brandon Creighton have indicated they support the legislation and naming it after Lambright, after a group of ethics reform activists made that suggestion to them after Lambright’s passing.

The County Executive Committee voted unanimously to endorse and support the legislation.

The Committee also voted unanimously in favor of a resolution to end taxpayer-funded lobbying.

There is concern among many members of the County Executive Committee, the Republican Precinct Chairs, that Wilkerson has begun to cooperate simply because he is low on money to support the overhead of his office and to pay for his private secretary, Melinda Fredricks, who rarely appears in the office but works only directly for Wilkerson. The County Executive Committee has never authorized those expenditures since its organizational meeting in June of 2018, so they are wholly unauthorized.

It is possible Wilkerson seeks to lure conservative activists into cooperating with a fundraiser where the money would go to support his overhead rather than to support the Victory 2020 election campaign. Of course, Wilkerson should commit that any money raised should only go to support the campaign rather than the overhead of that useless office and secretary. In October, 2018, the Republican Party Steering Committee ordered Wilkerson to transfer $12,500 into the Victory 2018 Steering Committee account for the November, 2018, General Election campaign. Wilkerson refused to do so, even though he had conducted a fundraiser – with the cooperation of Kevin Brady – where he misled contributors into believing their funds would support the General Election campaign, when, in fact, the money merely went to support his office rent and the salary of his secretary.



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